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Review of X Movies:

I feel like cutting and pasting today. This is because with the site I am reviewing right now, I can simply cut and past about ten reviews I've done in the past, and stick it right in here. We are again looking at the super movie site phenomenon- where you can go and download and view scenes and scenes of a library of hundreds of DVDs on the internet. Now, that would be great for a site- the problem is, the same studios are offering their content, and nobody is seeking anything additional. The end result? The same porn (for the most part) across all of these sites. So yeah, its good in theory- but we the viewers just get the same thing over and over again.

X Movies is the name of this particular site. And no, I'm not going to give this review the cut and paste treatment. I love you guys too much for that, and there are some particulars I really wanted to comment on. You should pretty much get the idea of the concept here, but I will reiterate for any newcomers we have on board today. Sites like this take pre-existing DVDs, and provide them for digital download. They usually add movies every day, so the content level is high. The only downfall is that the originality is low, especially when you take into consideration the problem I talked about above. However, I am still a sucker for these sites.

There is a category bar on the side, where you can choose movies by category. A big downfall of this, and I've said this all before, is that they double up categories, so if a movie has mature lesbians, it is in both. This makes it hard to pilfer all the content easily because you have to think about whether you downloaded something before. You can also browse by studio, series, and pornstar. You can also do a search if you like. The front page features the box art for the upcoming DVDs as well as the box art for the highest rated videos. Overall, a nice setup in my book.

The videos give you lots of options. You can stream the movie in low or high quality. The high quality being 512k, mind you. You can also download an XVID (avi) or an MPEG full length. On top of this, you can also download segments. For each movie scene, you get a good three thumbnails. The videos are actually thumbnailled quite well. Overall, another great setup page.

When you see the video, the quality is decent. Not quite perfect, but also not bad. Watchable for sure, and I went the Divx every time and that worked out well for me.

The site claims to have 1111 DVDs right now. The claim to update the site on a regular, daily basis with a new movie coming in daily. That is a lot of content, but there are sites out there with around the same amount, and similar movies. Now I haven't been on one of these sites in a bit; but this one did seem to have some movies I haven't seen before. As opposed to other sites, however, I was not able to run more than one download at a time in Internet Explorer. It's weird because my IE is set up to handle more and I was able to have a lot more running at the same time with FireFox. Don't know if that particular annoyance is spefic for this site or just my IE being flaky.


X Movies is just more of the same basically, yeah they secured a few more studios but other than that it's hard to see how this site does better than for example. When I do reviews for sites like this, I talk about the little extra things that might make it better than a similar site. So what makes it better than a similar site, well it does have a fairly neat design and some nice download options (4 choices). It's nothing new here, but the site works and it's huge, if you are looking for a DVD Archive right now, this is probably a good a bet as any of the other ones out there.

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Specific title Browsing studio My favorites


1. Followup Review
Overall Rating Change

<p>Lately I have been finding myself going back more and more to Xmovies than to any other DVD archive site. The reason for this is because of the great download speeds I get from there (I can get 1.5 MB per second) and also because it has DivX downloads.</p> <p>The DivX downloads turned out to be a deal breaker for me and made me cancel another dvd archive subscription because they only offered wmv downloads. Though these are great quality I can't play them in my DVD player without converting them to either mpeg or pure DVD image. Because I have recently bought a $40 DVD player that supports Divx I can now back up everything I download from straight to a data DVD and view all the episodes on my stand alone DVD. For it's very nice to be able to bring the porn away from the computer and with both MPEG and DivX available at xmovies you should have no problem playing one of those formats on any DVD player.<br /><br />I keep coming back here and with 1150 DVDs online the archive is getting bulgy. Great speeds, formats that can play away from my computer, high quality, good design and easy to navigate is what makes me like this site more and more. Keep it up!</p>

Reader comments:

Comment by: rustic Rating: 08-07-27

Disappointed that you cannot cancel subscription without talking to customer service personally - seems like a catch! Would want to see a follow-up on this flaw! I rate this site 2/5 for this .. WTF! You'd expect to not have to deal with sh.. like that in the 21st..

Content on this site is mainstream.

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