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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $32.97
$24.97/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of Wax Dat Ass:

I need to go wash and wax my car. I mean, it's been a while. And being newly single, I think I need to present myself in the best manner. Unfortunately, that means no more going out in public unshaven, unshowered, and looking like a redneck. I already miss those days. Don't worry though, I plan on going out and waxing my car, and then going out and waxing that ass.

Wax Dat Ass is a site that is all about anal sex. As the name might lead you to believe, it is not really an interracial site- although there are a good amount of interracial scenes. It has a catchy name for a common theme- which is a good thing. I'm sure more people clicked on this than if it had a less stellar name. Now it is time to see if the site is more than just a cool name, and if it can be compared to the better anal sites out there.

Wax Dat Ass starts out with a listing of the first 13 sets of video content here on the front page. Each girl has a thumbnail and a name, and thats it. Underneath this, there are thumbnails for the picture content as well. Each is given one thumbnail, and its pretty much the same as the videos above. The thumbnails are action content, so in many cases, you don't even see the girls face. Not really a good preview system if you ask me. Otherwise, this site just oozes boring and simplicity- there really is nothing on here.

When you get into the video page, you just get a slightly bigger version of the thumbnail on the front page. That is the only preview you get, so in some cases, the site wants you to download clips based simply on the way a dick looks in a girls ass. I'm not a big fan of that, I never talk down simple previews if they are effective- but these are not. You have a lot of video options here. You can download the full movie in WMV or MPG. You can download clips in MPG, and also in high or low speed WMV. This is a nice amount of options if you ask me.

The quality of the sets here isn't too bad. The high speed full video WMVs are 1022k, and they look pretty good. They are not perfect, but they look great at full screen. Combine that with options to fit your needs, I think you will have a good combination here. The videos here really play like professional porn, some even with music and whatnot. So if you are looking for more of an amateur experience, this might not be the video for you. Overall, though, the quality makes up for the lack of previews pretty nicely.

The photos for each girl is split into two sections; one of higher quality photos, the other being your vidcaps. Obviously the higher quality ones are way better. But they are also the least concentrated section, with only a 50 or so pics. Still, this was a nice little addition of photos I wasn't expecting, especially with this site. The site continues with their good options theme, offering each pic in small, medium, or large sizes. I appreciated that as well.

The girls on Wax Dat Ass are pretty much regular pornstars. You will have seen many of them before and I'm sure you'll see a lot of them again. They are anal experts and all! The action here is pretty much typical porn action, you know, with the name and whatnot, I was definately expected more of a focus on anal. Sure, it's there, but it's just kind of a part of the video instead of a focus.

At the time of review there was a total of 27 sets of content. There are no timestamps, no upcoming updates or any of that. So I really have no idea how much content there truly is. Overall, I'd say I could definately find better deals on the net- but there is also a network here.

The Porn Ultra Pass Network includes Perfect DP, Euro Fuck Toys, Euro Masturbation, Real Brazil Hardcore (as opposed to fake Brazilian hardcore), Real Latin Hardcore (ditto), She Takes It Black and Wax Dat Ass. There is no real focus to this network, other than the obvious individual site focuses, but the setup stays the same pretty much all the way through.


I liked the options here, but the site just fell threw for me because it was so bland. Even with an exciting name, it just is kinda dull. Add a little spice, in both the page and the videos, and I'd be a lot more excited. Just kind of a go-through-the-motions site to me.


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