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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.87/30 days (Reg. $28.97)
$95.87/365 days

Review of Oye Loca:

I've always had a soft spot for Latinas. Well, let me rephrase that. I've always had a soft spot for attractive Latinas. Because when you are dealing with them, you either get the cream of the crop or you get some nasty hoes. There really doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground. And on the majority of the latina sites I come across, I end up being half in love and half disappointed. So when I jumped into Oye Loca, I had my fingers crossed hoping for a nice set of women.

The first big plus was that there was another site on this network, Innocent High, where I thought the girl quality was supremely excellent. Even on the porn stars I knew, it seemed like they appeared better than ever on this site. So when I saw Oye Loca was nice and original, I expected much of the same. And with that, I expected a site with a normal, kind of plain jane theme, but with content that made it extremely interesting. I was very happy with the results, allow me to share them with you now!

We start off with site news and a contest. This is all done in text, and the end result is basically you having to scroll more to get to the content. The contest is actually quite a good one, one I would encourage anybody to try out. When you get to the latest update, she is highlighted with nine excellent thumbnails for you to check out. There is also a nice, long description of the set. This is followed by the links to get the stuff right here on the front page. The rest of the girls are then listed, one thumbnail each. However, you must click on their thumbnail to get to the download links for all of the girls except the latest one. The thumbnails are very good portrait thumbnails that give you a nice idea of what all of the girls look like. The bonus sites are next, and thats about it for the page. Overall, a pretty nice design, nothing too special about it, but it works well. The videos are the focus here, so clicking on a girl will give you a page more focused on videos.

This page will start out with a description and the portrait of the girl. Then come the download links and thumbnails. Most of these sets are split into three segments, and each segment has a nice, large thumbnail. Underneath this, there are links for one minute video pages. And then there are eight thumbnails showcasing the pictures, and links to the pictures page. The skinny on the videos is this: you can download in high res WMV or MPG if you go for the three segments. The 1 minute clips are available in High or Low WMV as well as MPG, and they can also be streamed. The two newest videos are also available as full video downloads in WMV, a feature which is supposedly going to be rolled out to all of the older videos progressively. Kudos for that. As it is, three thumbnails per set isn't all that bad either- but one big full movie is better. Overall, lots of good options here- it will be perfect once they get all the videos in at full, but it is still very passable as it stands right now.

The quality of the videos here at Oye Loca is also very good. The WMVs here are 1048k, and while not perfect, they are very good. There is some graininess at full screen, but for the most part you are getting very acceptable videos. They are true full screen and they look pretty clear. The camerawork done here is very good throughout all of the sets as well. Overall, you are getting some extra good videos all the way through with every aspect of the video being hit nicely.

The pictures here are nice, high quality pictures. They are 1050 x 698 pixels and they look very good. Again, I wouldn't say you get the perfect clearness. The best part about them is that they aren't vidcaps, they are taken independently and they look quite nice. With that all said, they are also handy because they focus more on the solo girl a bit more than the actual videos do. So it's not just another format, it's an extension of the set. Well done here in my book!

As I said earlier, the make or break point here for me would definately be the girls. Well, they make it, and by a landslide! In the awesome tradition of Innocent High, these girls are simply excellent. Hot through and through, and still very much faithful to the original theme of latina. I didn't recognize too many of these girls, but again, I do not frequent latina sites if I do not have to. But these girls are simply amazing, through and through. Another home run by the webmasters!

There were 20 latinas featured on Oye Loca at the time of review. While that might not be a huge number, the quality level here was very high, which makes up a bit. The site is also updated weekly, with timestamps all over the place to prove it. So you can guarantee some new sets every week. The site is also part of a network, which we will look at now.

I have already sung the praises of Innocent High. If it was just Innocent High and Oye Loca, you'd have a strong network. They also have Euro City Life, Solo Interviews, This Girl Sucks, and Trailer Trash Cuties. Some are kind of throwaways. Others are okay. Still, everything combined in the grand scheme makes a good deal, unfortunately just not the most consistent one.


I highly recommend this site, it is a great take on a common theme, with everything firing on all cylinders, I see no reason not to check out this awesome site.


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