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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: mpg, wmv, flv

Review of HD Hardcore Babes:

Man, my glasses are dirty. They've been this way for almost a week now. What am I going to do about it? I am going to clean them eventually. And when I stop being lazy and actually act on this and clean them, it will be like seeing a whole new world. Things will be bright and vivid and the world will look much better. It will be wonderful. Then, after a few hours, they will get a little dirty again, and everything will come back to normal.

Sometimes I equate my porn experience to this. HD Hardcore Babes is a perfect example. Right now, a lot of the porn we are looking at looks like my glasses do. But when you check out HD Hardcore Babes, their goal is to make things bright and vivid for a while. I think that is a good goal to have. The focus here is to give you some awesome quality porn. This is the site that wants to make the quality freaks drool. Is it effective? We shall see.

When you sign into HD Hardcore Babes, you are given a members page that starts with a little write-up of the latest set, with a thumbnail and links to the various pages. Underneath this, you get individual thumbnails of the girls with their name and added date. Then you get the bonus site, as well as a listing from the leased site that you also get here. That is about it as far as the site goes. It is simple and it works pretty well.

The videos are the primary focus on HD Hardcore Babes. When you click into a girls page from the main page, you are given a listing of thumbnails where you can download either low or high quality WMV or you can stream the movies in low or high in flash. The last thumbnail is an option where you can download the complete movie in low, medium high, or high quality. And then you get the high def movie file, which is an MPG. The file sizes here are huge, around 300-400mb for some of the regular movies, and then the high def ones measure around a GIG. The thumbnails do a good job at both laying out the basics of the action and also letting the users who have lower connections still enjoy the content.

I have to admit, the quality here was stunning. Even the high quality WMVs are better than what a lot of sites out there are offering nowadays. They look great, and that is saying a lot for videos that are not the highest on here. These WMVs are over 2000k and they look every bit of it. I'm sure the same will be said for the huge ass downloads. Just an awesome quality, and every bit what they praise on the site.

On top of the awesome videos, the site also throws in some great picture content. The pictures take up two sections, one of originals and one of vidcaps. The originals are done really well with the same eye for quality given to the videos. They are 1600 x 1067 pixels and they look really, really good. The screencaps, well, we will leave that one alone because if you are like me, you won't even touch that part of the site. But some great pictures just help to add more greatness to the site.

The girls here on HD Hardcore Babes are pretty hot, European styled girls that just look really good. I hate comparing sites, but imagine the excellent type girls from an Asstraffic and this will give you an idea. Just beautiful, hot, sexy women with almost flawless bodies that you will drool over. The action is your typical porn fare, it doesn't deviate much from our normal tried and true formula, but at the same time doesn't get boring either.

So I've talked this site up quite a bit. What does a lack? Well, my biggest issue was the theme, while good, is very open ended. So you might, theoretically, get a set of videos you have no interest in. But the girls and the stuff here is pretty much mainstream, regular girls and action. So it doesn't hurt it too much. The file sizes can also kill you, but you can't be HD without some big files!

So how is the content? Well, just at startup, you get 17 awesome videos. There is no mention about updates and it will simply be a wait and see once more sets filter in, as we have been informed the site is updated weekly. We will have to re-visit as this site has apparently just opened it's doors. You also get some bonus sites- Homecumers, as well as I Touch My Pussy which we are soon to review.


This is a must for quality freaks. Anyone else who wants to see some awesome videos, jump in!


$7.95- 5 Day Trial
$29.95- 30 Day Membership, rebills at $24.95


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