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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days
$29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Daddy Im a Whore:

As parents, the last thing we would want is for our daddy to exclaim, "Daddy, I'm a Whore!" As men, and as pornmongers, the first thing we would want everybody elses daughter to proclaim is, "Daddy, I'm Whore!" Sure, it is a double standard. But who cares, if we want to see hot, legal teens bent over and loving it, then bring on the double standard baby!

Daddy I'm A Whore is a site focused on younger girls, legal and over 18, who are complete whores. They are not afraid to admit they are whores, and get treated like them. They will have some pretty hardcore sex with these guys, and then before the cumshot they will have things like "look, daddy!" written on their forehead. It's a little demeaning, but it is in good fun. Let's see if the actual site is fun.

When you first sign into Daddy I'm A Whore, you get the latest update and the upcoming update highlighted with a bigger thumbnail. These are portraits and they give you an idea of what the girls look like. They are followed by more, smaller portrait thumbnails of all of the girls on the site. All you really get is their picture and the date of update. It should also be noted that the same pictures are used throughout this network. Not a big deal as they are just portraits. Underneath this, you get links to different categories of leased sites. Then there are supposed to be listings of the actual bonus sites, although that wasn't working for me when I tried today, looks like they made a boo-boo in the html somehow. Overall, not a bad site design, but it could definately be a lot better at the same time.

The videos are the focus here on Daddy. When you click into a girls page, you have the option of viewing or downloading the full movie in high or low bandwith. You also get segments, around four each, which are viewable and downloadable also. This time, the option of WMV or Quicktime is given to you. The full movies are only WMV. The thumbnails give you a good idea of the action that you are seeing, as there is one thumbnail for each segment. This also gives you an idea that some of these girls are not as good looking as their front portrait might show!

The video quality, at high bandwith full video, is pretty decent at 1064k and around there. My biggest problem, quality wise, is that the actual video isn't the greatest looking. The coloring just looks off. Sometimes the scene is way too bright, sometimes the scene is way too dark. That makes for an unclear video and kind of hard to watch for me. That was a major thing that detracted from my enjoyment. As far as the technical aspects, they were done well, but the coloring just hurt the videos a lot, across the board for this network not just on Daddy I'm A Whore.

There are also pictures here, however, the pictures are relegated to being screenshots taken from the videos. They make the caps pretty small in size, but you can still see hints of the pixelation throughout the picture even though the size is pretty small. Pretty much an ignorable aspect of the site.

The girls on the site range from incredible to barfbag. There are some good looking girls, and some that I would rather not see again. The basis of this whole network is to have lots of latina/black girls and form a niche on that. This site builds on that. And while I don't have a problem with that, they could have made some better choices. I'd say a good 95% of the girls here fall in the latina/black girl category, so you have to be into that. The girls here also don't really scream really young or teen type girls, which although not outwardly stated on the site, you would expect a site with a name like this to feature girls of the younger variety. The action is as described, the girls have some pretty hardcore sex, have something demeaning written on them, and then take a cumshot.

This site is updated on a weekly basis, and looking at the timestamps on the site, it looks like they are pretty faithful with that. When I wrote this review, they had a total of 54 sets of content. This is a pretty nice amount, and with the rest of the network, there is a lot to go through.

The Incredible Pass network includes the following sites: Big Tits Curvy Asses, Coeds Love Big Dicks, Cum Brushers, Daddy I'm A Whore, Human Toilet Bowls, I LOve Black Cum, Midget Cum, Moms a Cheater, The Amputee, and The Boss XXX. These sites range from somewhat generic to pretty original. The flavoring is latina throughout the sites as well. The network tries to be superhardcore, kind of like a Max Hardcore type of thing going on. Overall a good deal.


This is a decent site, but I think the lighting issues got the best of me. Take into account that they could have used some better looking girls in some cases, and also the kind of redundancy from video to video, and this site rates at about medium, but this network is nowhere near the status of what they are trying to do.


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