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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $24.90/30 days
$39.90/60 days
$49.90/90 days

Review of We Fuck In Europe:

We Fuck In Europe? Well, I might need to make a trip over there because my results over here have not been too admirable. I wonder if it really is a pussy playland over there. Well, either way, European girls are among the hottest. I know we always say that about all different kinds of girls on this site. Hey, if this site was We Fuck In Canada, I'd probably say that Canadian girls are the hottest. So what do we learn from this? Girls everywhere are hot, and when they come into the spotlight, they are the hottest girls on earth!

We Fuck In Europe is a site with the theme of, well, Europeans fucking. I am a big fan of website themes. And while I think this is a valid theme, it can still apply to a lot of different kinds of porno. I mean, we are fucking in Europe, but what kind of fucking are we doing? It still leaves a lot of open doors as far as what the site is all about. And in this site, unfortunately, those open doors lead to a lack of cohesiveness which is not just the fault of the theme, but it doesn't help any, that is for sure. Either way, lets take a trip overseas (or down the street for some of us!) and watch people fuck in Europe.

The site design here is very basic. When you get into the site, you are basically given one page only to navigate through. We have a nice looking banner on the top. The sets are then presented. For each set, you get one bigger thumbnail and three miniscule thumbnails. You get basics- movie length, size, and day updated. That is about it. This is very bare bones and simple. It is easy to use- but at the cost of weaker previews and just a very vanilla site design.

The videos here come to the forefront as the only type of content. There is only one quality option here, and it is a downloadable WMV, sometimes an MPG, depending on what set it is. These are all full video downloads, but a few sets are divided into two different sets. I must again point out the inconsistency here. The videos are usually around 200mb, some a little more, some a little less, most clocking in between 15-25 minutes.

The quality here is pretty good. With the WMVs, you get a quality of of 1496k and a pretty good screen. There is some pixelation when you bring the movies up to full screen, enough to deterioate the quality bit but it did not harm my enjoyment of the movies. But again, the inconsistency sets in. When there are MPGs, they are a lot more blurry and harder to watch at full screen. The worst part about all of this is that there is no even split where they will say that this is WMV and this is MPG. It is pretty much take what you get. Overall, a decent quality, but the inconsitency really hurts it a bit.

As I have mentioned, there are no pictures here, which also detracts from the site a bit. I know that a lot of sites will just throw up some crappy pictures, and I am not a fan of that either. But I still think pictures are an integral, yet dying, area of websites that should be included and included well.

The action here is pretty much a mixture of solo hardcore and girl on boy sex. I did come across one lesbian set, but for the most part you are getting these two genres. The girls are European and hot. It would seem that most of the lesser quality videos are actually the solo ones, and those ones are pretty boring to me as well. They are also watermarked with another sites name, while I think it is the same people that do this site, I hope they are not trying to double up on content.

At the time of review, there were a total of 18 sets. However, when you take into consideration the splitting I talked about before, figure about 14 originals. Overall, not a mindblowing amount of material. They do have timestamps on all of the sets, and the sets seem to be updated on a regular, weekly basis with a few hiccups. When you go to join the site, it says that you will get access to a site named Beauties in Paradise. Inside the site, there is no link or anything, so take that with a grain of salt.


Check out the preview page, and that is what you get for a members page. A weak site design based on the fact that there isn't much content to navigate either. It is not horrible, but not something I would go out of my way to see either.


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