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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $34.88
$24.88/30 days

Review of All Exclusive Pass:

I don’t know if it’s supposed to be easier or harder to write a decent review when it comes to all these “pass” sites that keep popping up. Mind you that I’m all for them, I love getting access to a variety of sites that offer some different niches. I think they are probably the best thing to happen to online porn since the whole reality craze. The idea behind them is quite simple really. You make some exclusive sites that cater to different niche lovers. Now when you have a decent selection of sites you can make a portal site that doesn’t actually offer anything new except access to all the sites in one go. People love getting their moneys worth since they have access to daily porn updates now, chances are probably better that they will stay as members for such a huge network. I guess my job is to guess if people will want to stick around this network or feel disappointed.

As I just mentioned, this doesn’t actually offer anything new. All it does is act as a discount page that provides you with access for 12 sites as opposed to just one. These 12 sites are of course different in their own right as some focus on lesbian sex only, some focus on hardcore only (quite a bit here), some on big tits, some on anal and some simply on blowjobs. There is also a single-girl only site where the videos are girls masturbating with toys that go deep.

Now if you put all these sites together you have a package that features different aspects of porn and for those of us that like variety this is of course a sweet deal. If, however, you are only in to say anal videos for example, then in reality you are only interested in the one site, and the whole discount idea falls apart for you. So basically this package is mainly aimed towards those of you who like a variety to choose from.

To get an idea of what type of sites we are talking about here, here is the complete list of sites:

- – hardcore site featuring young chicks with pigtails

- – hardcore site featuring chicks with pigtails and a nice big ass.

- – hardcore site featuring chicks with pigtails and a big rack

- – a blowjobs only site

- – girls masturbating and penetrate themselves with toys

- – hardcore site featuring women with big racks...

- – a blowjobs only site

- – anal hardcore site with the twist that the girls squirt milk out their ass

- – hardcore site that ends the action with a creampie

- – a lesbian site

- – a hardcore ethnic girls site that feature women with healthy ass sizes

The content
The sites offer both exclusive videos for download in high and low quality and stream options as well for those who prefer. These downloads can be split up in as many as 15 segments per movie or as little as 3, whichever you prefer.
To accompany each video you have high quality pictures about a 100 per movie I’d day but it varies a bit but there’s plenty and they really are great quality.

The quality is as it should be, there’s nothing spectacular about it as it’s pretty standard wmv encoded videos. It is a bit over what would considered medium here but with more and more sites offering High Definition videos the big broadband users would probably appreciate a download option for this but I doubt anyone can complain. With the high quality wmv files you get 400 x 300 resolution at high bit rates and so the picture is fluid and not grainy and works well for streaming purposes.

Each site is updated with a new episode weekly giving you almost 2 new episodes per day spread out over the entire network of 12 sites.

The bottom line:
Well the bottom line is simply that this is a great buy. I cannot see why it wouldn’t be. I reviewed all but one of the sites in this package so far and I have been pleased with everyone of them. When you put them together you get a very nice selection of exclusive content to download/stream and you have nice quality still pictures for all of it. Overall this network is heavy on hardcore content and so if you love that I’m sure you will enjoy the content here.. Another thing that makes this particular pass site a great deal is the low price of $25 a month, great price. Another recommended portal pass site.


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