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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$119.95/365 days

Review of In Focus Girls:

I am excited and yeah yeah I can’t hide it either… you got that did you ;). I am so relieved to finally have had the chance to review a site that is a breath of fresh air in the online porn market that seems to be stagnating at the moment. As you may have guessed already this isn’t a “cum guzzling sluts do it till they drop” kind of site, it’s more of “look how amazing women are” kind. The In Focus Girls name for the site is not just picked randomly I’m sure. The name makes you think of photography and suggests that the people behind the site are true professionals when it comes to shooting women, be it with a video or photo camera. Indeed they are.

Now if you are expecting to see girls doing hardcore action with guys or giving blowjobs then you should check out another review as this site is a guy-free zone. The focus is on beautiful women only that “do it right”, that is to say, take their clothes off and play with themselves in various ways to come “right”. I have never been much of an expert when it comes to telling if a girl got off “right” so I’m not gonna go there, but I like to think I have good taste in women (don’t we all?). On this site I have seen so many beautiful models I’m afraid I might have overdosed and the swelling might not be expected to go down for a while. I’ve seen them play with themselves, play with each other, get soaking wet, playing with dildos, riding sybians, basically any type of good wholesome sexual erotic fun that doesn’t involve men.

All of this action is caught on video and in still pictures and well let’s first take a look at what kind of quality we are talking about here… The best kind! From the design, to the pictures, to the models and to the videos the keyword throughout this site is quality. I am more than a little amazed to see how much work goes into this site to give us a wide selection of formats and quality levels to choose from (note that I wouldn’t categorize anything here as low quality, simply lower than what else is available).

The pictures
Despite my usual procedure I decided to take a look at the still pictures first as the previews looked so damn tasty. I had high hopes for the pictures here and I was not let down in the slightest, each picture seemed to top my expectations and always seemed to remain fresh from set to set. Now that’s all something that can’t really be explained as it’s a subjective feeling but trust me, this is great photography and I personally love the style here and the very varied settings.

What we can’t argue about are the cold facts that about the pictures. The facts are that the pictures are available in 3 different quality levels:
800px (800x600) – 1200px (1200x800) and 2000px (2000x1333).
The fact that they have the guts to even offer a 2000x1333 resolution picture should tip you off that these guys are professionals and have great confidence in their work. I surfed all the pictures at 1200x800 as that suits me the best but I was very surprised to see how crisp they still looked at maximum resolution (tends to get grainy on other sites). What is even more impressive is that they don’t have to resort to retouch the pictures into Barbie-doll skin they simply look great.

Browsing the pictures is a snap. You click the picture you want from a thumbnail list if you want, or you click a picture and turn on a slide show. You also always have the ability while browsing the pictures to change resolution, change the background color, start/stop the slide show and of course close the window. Once you get comfortable with this setup it makes for a smooth browsing experience.

The videos
This is gonna take me forever to get through and I’m sure you won’t believe all this is available when I’m done, but I promise you it’s the truth.
The videos are available in the following format:

Flash 8 Stream: HDV - 720 x 405 @1Mbit / HDV - 448 x 256 @ 464Kbit
Wmv Download: HDV - 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit (true HD) / HDV - 852 x 480 @ 2Mbit
QT Download: HDV - 960 x 540 @ 2Mbit
MPG Downloads: HDV - 448 x 256 @ 1Mbit – these are 5 minute segments

For streaming I highly recommend the flash format. Seems like streaming flash movies looked like crap just 6 months ago and now they are the biggest threat towards wmv files. I don’t know much about the format but for me the movies started streaming straight away and never got choppy and that’s what I call a great streaming experience. I predict a lot more porn sites will embrace this format over the next few months.

There isn’t much more to say about the videos, the quality levels speak for themselves really, I can only add that they are shot very sensually and tasteful all the way and they are a pleasure to watch. The videos are usually of 10 minutes duration.

How much is there and when is more coming?
The site, although being fairly new, is already bulging with content boasting 186 videos and 178 picture sets. It comes as no surprise that the site is already healthy in size as it is updated every day where either a video or a picture set is added.

Other pros

- The “type” section is very neat for finding exactly what you are looking for (check out members area samples)
- You can surf by models.
- The help section is a great support center where your questions are answered promply if not answered already in the faq base.

Some cons
- 4 small banners on the members splash page looks a tad confusing and annoying but luckily they don’t do much damage.
- The videos and pictures are not linked together so you can’t watch a video and then click a straight link to the picture set for example.
- The “news” section seems useless. As opposed to the “whats new” section that shows off the new sets added the news section only contains a welcome message, there is room to make other announcements I’m sure but none have been made in 5 months so I think it’s just a menu space filler.

The Bottom Line
You can’t go wrong with this site basically. It’s straight up, you get what you pay for and more. I loved the fact that it really felt like a professional production that cared about the artistic side of porn while still keeping the material extremely erotic, raw, beautiful and exciting. For a softcore site that features toy masturbation and lesbian content mainly, this is probably the best of it’s kind out there at the moment. I highly recommend this site as one of my all time favorites.

Search by type Browsing pictures Video page
Search by type Browsing pictures Video page


Reader comments:

Comment by: Hewie Rating: 09-09-26

Very Interesting

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