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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of Tushy Massage:

Here’s something new for you, a Tushy Massage. I know when I get a little stressed out from sitting in front of this darn computer, writing porn reviews, my ass tends to get a little tense and could do with a nice massage. So usually end up planting my butt in the bread maker for 30 minutes just to take the edge off… Really? No not really! Actually I don’t really think I would dig an ass massage all that much but I sure would love to do the rubbing on a hot chick myself. Personally I have always been a butt-man myself, of course I love the breasts (what are you getting at?) but a nice tight shaped ass is probably the prettiest site in the world. Because I feel this way I also felt strangely drawn to this site from the beginning. In the previews I saw screenshots of all these girls just lying face down on a massage table with their pretty tushys up in the air getting fondled by another cute girl, come on, that’s a great set up right there!

What’s it all about?

Well it can be summed up in 2 words really “ass massage” and that’s it. The videos here offer no story set up of any kind nor is it really needed for this type of site. 90% of the videos are girls massaging another girl’s ass in very erotic ways. The ass cheeks themselves are fondled and given proper attention as is the asshole which is treated to various form of insertions i.e. fingers and toys. Occasionally you’ll see a guy in the mix who either rubs a girl’s ass or she rubs his and maybe a blowjob is given (rare). I don’t know why this particular site chooses to even involve men here as they do it very seldom and when they do it just seems to break an otherwise well rounded erotic lesbian niche with a twist. You will also stumble over a few boy/girl hardcore scenes, but this shouldn’t be your motivation for signing up as they make up about 2% of the content.

Personally I find these types of videos where there are no guys and the girls are acting erotically instead of nymphomatic extremely enjoyable. The action is never forced and therefore can seem a bit drawn out if you are into the whole wam-bam thank you man porn only. I loved the slow tempo for a change and the whole close up focus of the ass massage, yummy!

The Media
Yeah let’s get through this already, there isn’t much to say about it. The videos are Windows Media format (wmv) and you can download them 4 file segments. There is only one type of download so no choice of quality or other format. You get 1024 k bit rate and 320 x 240 res videos to download and that’s it. There is no on-site streaming option but as it’s wmv you can of course set your browse to stream these types of files if you wish otherwise it’s just unrestricted download.

To accompany the videos we are treated to nice still pictures. These pictures are 700 x 467 resolution and professionally shot. I think the whole niche and the way the videos go in close that the opportunity for really sharp high res close-ups is passed by. In the videos we see them go up really close and get the action and if the pictures had something like that as well they would compliment each other very well. Unfortunately a lot of sharpness and resolution is sacrificed for small file sizes.

Quantity, updates and navigation
Ok this is where you might want to take notes because we are moving in to very confusing territory. First let’s talk about how many videos you get access to in the members area.

Now this is tricky and I was very much fooled at first. When I logged in I checked out the exclusive videos listing first of course and found to my surprise that there were 4 page each containing 30 episodes available. That would of course have meant that there were 120 episodes ripe for the picking, but not so fast! Actually only 25 of these episodes were “fully available” the rest only had part 1 of 4 available to download and then a link saying: “Part 2 - 4 Coming Soon Visit for more Massage Videos”. This was actually slapped on ¾ of all the videos here and it drove me nuts. Especially since I read this on the join page: “Although we use tons of different models you can access all our movies for a flat fee (No Pay Per View Fees)”. That is true of course but a bit misleading seeing as they do everything they can in the members area to make you go to their Pay Per View site and watch the episodes that are “coming soon”.

The updates are just as cryptic really. A video segment is added twice per week and since a full episode consist of 4 segments only 2 are added monthly. This is strange considering they have 75 on stock already that are just waiting to be added.

Another thing that is guaranteed to be a thorn in anyone’s eye that have paid for access here is all the banners. My god I’ve never even seen so many in one members area before. On the members splash page alone you are confronted with no less than 16 banners, dag nam it. I don’t like the idea of plastering members areas with banners but I live with them on certain sites that are desperate for upsells this one however takes the prize at the moment as it reeks desperation.

The bottom line
I loved the videos that were complete I think they were highly erotic and a nice pace change from all cum-guzzling porn I have to look at every day. I’m sorry to see that the site apparently can’t make it’s money back on it’s own merits and have to sort to such desperate measures as tons of banners and teaser trailers for pay per view sites. Yes the site is exclusive content and 25 complete videos is nice and all in all it’s probably worth the $30 for a monthly membership but I do sit back with the feeling that the site is constantly trying to squeeze more money out of me.

I don't think I have any category that really does this site justice but Lesbian and Softcore is pretty close, although guys may appear and there are toy/finger insertions in the videos.


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