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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
$59.95/90 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of Footsie Babes:

We all have our fetishes. Some are weird, some are more straightlaced. But we all have our own little things that we like. There is nothing wrong with that. And a lot of people will say that the foot should not be ignored. I agree with them. I am more of a leg man myself, but no, the foot should not be ignored. There are basically two levels of foot fetish. One is on the side of "the foot should not be ignored", and then you have the side of "trample me with your dirty, nasty feet you slut pig!" I am more of the first kind, I respect the foot but I definately don't want some dirty ass foot in my face.

Footsie Babes is another site in a long line of foot fetish sites. Let me tell you right off what my favorite thing about Footsie Babes is. That is that they are good on varying the action from scene to scene. There are some scenes with footjobs, some scenes with solo girls and their feet, and a few lesbian feet scenes thrown in as well. That works a lot better than seeing the same "let me rub your cock with my sexy feet" scene over and over and over again, and therefore I found the theme here to be pretty good compared to some feet sites.

When you first sign into the members area of Footsie Babes, you first get three informational paragraphs about the site, listed horizontally. After this there is a bit about the bonus offer. There is then a space dedicated to the upcoming set, and some latest news. Then we finally get into the latest movies, each one is given one bigger thumbnail along with three smaller thumbnails. The previews here are pretty good, nice and clear and they show the action well. After three sets, you get to take a look at the highest rated sets here. Then all of the "bonus sites" are listed, more on that later. Overall, as you can tell by my descriptions probably, the site is a pretty busy site. There is a lot of stuff on the page, but none of it is really out of place. It all fits well and makes for a nice, professional looking front page.

The videos are definately the focus here. When you get into the videos page, you get a description of what goes on along with the length of the scene and the number of photos, as well as a nice timestamp. You then get thumbnails for each segment of video, which gives you a full, complete understanding of the progression of the set. Very good for previews. Then at the bottom, you can download or view the entire set in one file. You have the option to stream the video in low, medium, or high, or download the video in medium or high. These options remain the same throughout. Overall, this is a very well thought out design- they did an awesome job here and my only real complaint is that the server logs you off after x amount of inactivity so you basically have to relogin after ever batch of downloads. Not a big deal considering.

The quality here is also excellent. Footsie Babes has a keen eye for professionalism here. The movies look like good, quality porn, and the actions all look very smooth and slick. Some people don't like an ultra-slick production, and normally I prefer there to be a few bumps. But I couldn't help it, here it just fit with the theme and came together extremely well. The quality of the downloadable MPGs here is very good. You can full screen them with no problem, and everything looks really good. There might be a few flaws, but overall you have a very exceptional looking set of videos here.

The pictures here are high quality, professionally taken pictures that will stun you. The quality here is really good. A site that gets it right with awesome quality on both the pictures and the videos. And no need to go through and click and save all of them, master of the mouse! Here you can download the full photo set in a zip file as well as just a gallery page in a zip file. Nice to have that option when there are such good photos. Going through the gallery can be frustrating at times, as each picture appears in a new window. I don't hate that approch, but I do feel it is a bit more time consuming than just opening a new page. However, when the popup window does open, you can move through with some controls like next picture, last picture, first picture, etc. So you are not always closing and clicking. Overall a nice photos section here.

The girls here follow along the same path as the videos and the pictures; really high quality, professional looking. These are some beautiful girls with beautiful bodies. If you are at all familiar with this network than you know the type. But they do a great job showing off their feet, and almost every girl on the site here is beautiful. Job well done on these lines. I would also like to just put more emphasis on the variety here. Even though its a foot site, they move along an entire spectrum of foot fetishes. Some with two girls, some solo, and some male female. It keeps things fresh all the way through, and the way it is presented is impeccible.

At the time of review there were a total of 45 sets of content. The site is updated daily with segment updates. This can be a pain because you see a really hot girl and you can't get her full video for over a week! But I think we can live, since we do get such good content. An upside of this is that the site is focused on updating all of the time, so there is no leeway for slipping and the timestamps show that they have a very good track record of updates here.

There are about 19 bonus sites with Footsie Babes. However, the trick is, you only gain access to two a month. So if you stay a member for longer, you get more bonus sites. Just to start off with, you get none. In a month you will get two, in two you will get another two. It's definately worth it.. sometime the best things in life are worth waiting for. But I wish they could let you pick the next site you want. Because if the next one up is something you are not into, it sucks! But I like how the network has progressed to add two a month now instead of one.


Highly recommended, high quality foot fetish site. Beautiful women, beautiful feet, and a solid design on a good network. Great job here, I can't find much bad to say about it!


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