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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
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Prices: $5.99/2 days, rebills at $24.99
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Review of Lolli Hotties:

Lollipop, lollipop, oooh lolly... you get the point. There is just something extremely sexy about lollipops and women. It kind of reminds me of a very disturbing point at my old job. We had a transvestite who frequented the store at one point. I didn't particularly care for him/her, she just tried to flaunt herself a lot more than really neccesary. One of the more disgusting things she told us was the process of getting a sex change operation. She went into detail, and just, not good. But the other thing she did one day was buy one of those big, long, unicorn lollipops. Eww. But there were also some nice, hot, young chicks that bought those too, so I guess it could be a good counterbalance there.

Lolli Hotties is a site based on the unique concept of girls licking and eating lollipops as well as using them as masturbation toys. Yes, you may have seen a scene or two like this in the past on your favorite teen porn site. But Lolli Hotties is the first site to exclusively feature hot lollipop action. No, the site is not sponsored by Chupa Chups. Maybe it should be! This is geared towards a certain audience and maybe the fetish isn't quite big, but it is something different and I have to compliment it for trying something new.

When you first sign into Lolli, you'll first see a preview of next weeks coming Lolli Hottie. One thumbnail and her name and a small description is all you get. Following this you get the latest updates with four bigger thumbnails and links to photos and videos. They also offer iPod feeds for those of you interested. The site design is pretty simple but it also works really well here. The pictures are very bright and clear, but the whole thing is done using very bright colors, and the site suffers a bit from that I think. It makes the whole thing look a little more realistic, but more on that later.

The videos are the bigger focus here. You have the option of downloading the full video in WMV, Quicktime, or iPod format. Underneath these three options you can also download the video in WMV segments. Each format has the same thumbnail for each. If you go through the WMV segments, they have different thumbs for each segment. I think my biggest complaint here would be that the different types of video could have been distinguished better. Other than that, everything works good, maybe not the best previews in the world, but the main video page looks okay.

The videos here have some great camerawork with some awesome closeups and good 1342k quality. At full screen, there is a little bit of a loss of quality. However, the videos still end up looking pretty good in the grand scheme of things. Good quality, good camerawork, yet there is still the focus on the odd coloring I talked about before. Real life just doesn't look this bright, guys! I'm not sure if they did this on purpose or not, but I don't care for it.

The pictures on Lolli Hotties are done a little bit different than other picture sections. The thumbnails are big and square, and while they might just look like a part of the full picture, they really are the full picture. The pictures are good quality in parts, but sometimes they get a little blurry as well. It's really hard to get into these pictures because of this. At least they didn't go the cheesy vidcap route, but the pictures here just could use a little work if you ask me.

I guess its time to get into my biggest problem with this site. The girls here, while attractive, are made up to look like complete skanks. And not even in a good way! These girls have about three tons of the ugliest eye makeup in the world on. And its not just one girl, its all of them. I have no idea why they did it, but it just adds to the entirely unnatural feel I've been describing the site has. The action here is solo female, masturbation with a lollipop. Cool, and unique, but the unreality of it kills it for me.

The site is faithfully updated on a weekly basis. Every week, you get one new episode. Right now, there are a total of 11 sets of content. There are no bonus sites on here, so the site content is kind of low. I would normally say that is okay for such a unique concept, but other aspects of the site just kill it for me.


Technically things are ok but I just don't like the way the girls look and I don't like the bright ugly colors used on this site. Of course how the girls should look is objective and I urge you to check it out for yourself, because the previews are very representative of what you get here.


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