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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
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Review of Teen HDV:

As we move through the years, there is an increasing focus on technology and entertainment. Lets face it; DVDs are bigger than ever. Cable television, having a million channels, that is all out there. There is just a big new look to have more and better. There are technological people out there that need to run out and buy every little gadget to make their viewing experience better. It is natural that this obsession would run into porn, and here it has. Welcome to Teen HDV.

Teen HDV is a site with a focus on high quality videos. The focus is not just in the video quality, but they are also done very professionally with good camerawork. But I am jumping ahead here. The idea here is to have the best of the best quality available anywhere. Does it success? Well, it does in the quality, but sometimes you need a little more than that. I think the theme here is good, but it needs a little more. Lots of sites can offer teens in good quality, what makes this better? It just seems a little uneven for my tastes. But let us get into the site more before we make any sweeping conclusions.

When you sign into the members site, you get an update page. This page has the latest updates for all of the sets. However, they are listed by segment, and in a weird order. It's like they don't finish certain sets before starting new ones. Overall, it just gives me a gigantic headache. And when you click on an update, you get all of the girls segments, which is even harder to figure out. Overall, they really need to do a better job of making the site organized better. That can go a far way in a members enjoyment of a site, and this one was not very enjoyable just because it was hard to follow.

The videos are the standout focus on this site. For each segment, you have options: HDTV Format 1080i (8000kbs), DIVX HDTV Format 720 (5000kbs), and DIVX Home Theatre/DVD 400p (2500kbs). I know, they are throwing a lot of terms at us. But basically this all means that the videos are widescreen, good looking hdtv videos. Some of the videos also have an IPOD option. Overall, these are awesome quality videos. That is not the problem here. The issue I have is with everything else on the site, which all seems to fail pretty big. Let us look at those items, with the idea in mind that the actual quality of videos here is quite beautiful.

Each girl here has at least seventeen segments of videos. These segments are about three minutes long at most, and for the most part are very big files. They are well over 100mb no matter which format you pick. These videos are pretty short all things considered. The action here is all solo female, so in reality you are just watching masturbation videos. If you take them all in, its a really long, winded masturbation video. The videos start with annoying title screens as well. Can you tell I am not a big fan? Sure the quality is good, but everything else just fails.

The girls also have picture sets. The pictures are done independently of the videos, and look pretty good. These pictures come in either 1024x680 or 2000x1300 pixels. Either way, those are some fantastic numbers. The camerawork backs up the nice quality as well. However, the pictures just feel a little bland for some reason. Still, these stand out a little more than the videos because they are organized and not a pain in the ass to go through.

The girls here look a little younger, but I wouldn't say they are the youngest looking teens I've seen on a site. They really are just good looking, younger girls, not much else to it. The action is solo female all the way through, lots of masturbation and stuff but nothing beyond that. As I have mentioned, the camerawork and the professionalism of this site is very high. This is slick, well produced porn, with a focus on beautiful girls doing wonderful things to their bodies.

The site is updated often, but it is really hard to get a good grip on what the site actually had because of its crappy design. It definately does not have a lot of content, and with the video segments being small, there isn't a lot in the way of meat either. There are no bonus sites, and nothing else to really encourage you to join.


While the quality is simply awesome, the rest of the site falters. I think they focused too much on making the videos look good, but a good site is more than just that. If you want to be wowed by some awesome videos that will look good in High Def, than this might be a good novelty. But as far as being a good website, it has a long, long way to go.


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