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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $34.95
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Review of My Daughters Fucking a Black Dude:

No, this is not the work of a greedy father, just in case you were wondering. My first thought when I saw the site name was that it was an old Jerry Springer episode put online. OK enough with the Springer jokes already, of course this is an interracial reality porn site focusing on young women doing hardcore porn with black guys. I just finished a review of another site produced by the same company that does this one and that one had a few things against it. One of those things was the fact that it was a new site and had a low exclusive content level, this one does not suffer from this at all. This site has been in the works for almost 2 years and during that time they do not seem to have missed an update at all, making the members area extra beefy.

Now I did call this site a reality porn site however the storyline isn’t always executed as one. A lot of the time a movie is just recorded as an interview session followed by the shoot itself. Other times they actually do a story set up where we follow the main “character” around, Shane. He walks around with his camera guy and finds girls to fuck so they can get on tape and he seems to be pretty picky about the girls he chooses because the babe-o-meter is showing high numbers here. I was pretty amazed to see suck a good-looking ratio with the amount of content here. At the time of review there were 75+ exclusive episodes and I was interested in watching at least 50 of them, that’s pretty good.

The media
This site is mainly focused on video of course but the videos are accompanied by real still pictures and screen captures from the video itself. The still pictures are of course very nice to browse through at 900 x 600 resolution and they basically make the captures redundant.

The videos are a bit trickier to love on this site. Now the quality isn’t flat out bad, but it isn’t exactly great either. You have 3 choices to make when watching these videos; 1 is to watch them as 5 minute segments streams in wmv format. These videos are 320 x 240 resolution and only 540 kbps bitrate. I wouldn’t call this broadband quality anymore but they do so here, the low bitrate gives us a little choppy feed and the sound quality has also been turned down a notch to make the file sizes even smaller I guess. Overall this makes the videos mediocre at best and I can’t really see how they are targeting a broadband surfer crowd, I realize 56k users will still not approve of a 4mb per minute stream but then again, video sites are not for 56k users anyone now are they?

You have one more streaming option, this is basically the same quality level only streamed in quicktime format. I like giving the Mac users a chance but I dislike the built in quicktime player you get and I don’t think anyone but Mac users really care about the format.

To download the videos you have to choose the 2 minute segments, there is no full movie download link and they are not online anywhere so you have to put up with segments all around. You can download the 5 minute segments as well however as you can basically just right click the video as it’s showing and get properties, here you will see the path to the files, just type that in and download (make sure your browser is set download media files not auto open).

A new episode is added every week, now I could not verify whether they have missed an update or not since the site started as the episodes are not date stamped. However with the amount of episodes this site has compared to when it started I doubt they will an update.

The bonuses
There are a few bonus content options when you sign up for the site. The most trivial ones are the bonus feeds provided by a 3rd party. These are well known reality porn streams that you will find on a countless number of websites’ members areas. They are good and work well as “something extra”.

When you sign up you are promised access to their network sites and you also do get access to these, however there is no link in the members area for any of them so you really have to figure it out for yourself. Two of the sites are listed on the tour page so you can check them there, the two listed are: which is an interesting public nude site which I will take a look at later on. The other site is Both of these sites are exclusive productions and they make for nice bonus content. (It is not certain but try your password on as well).

The Bottom Line
I liked this site a bit more than their other new production but this is mainly because of the large amount of content and because they shoot such cute girls. I think their video philosophy is outdated and they need to boost the quality up a tad. Of course I see the point in keeping the quality at a medium level as they also sell off their content on DVDs but still… The members area isn’t going to win any design awards but the layout is simple and easy to figure and there weren’t any big annoyances when browsing the pictures this time. Overall I can recommend this to interracial and teen hardcore fans but be aware of the fact that the videos are segmented and at the quality level mentioned earlier. Definitely worth checking out and the exclusive bonus sites are certainly worth a look as well.


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