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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Sperm Cocktail:

Ok so now we have to rate the girl’s slut factor by how much sperm they are willing to swallow, infact if you can’t make a full-sized coctail out of it maybe we will have to refer to girls who do not prefer this beverage by the gallon as up tight prudes? I think it’s a bit overkill myself, sure I enjoy a nice cumshot as much as the next guy and I would looove to be the bartender that gets the order “a spermcocktail please” by a tall busty blonde. I don’t know, to me it’s like those Fear Factor episodes where they eat spiders. Sure it’s fun and creepy to see them eat the first one, but when they just start chewing them up like Oreos you start thinking “o.k, that’s enough... you can stop now…”. But that’s just me, and if you like to see girls that will go to the edge and over it by far then chances are this is the type of site you are looking for.

Before I signed up I kind of got the impression that this site would involve a lot of gangbang scenes topped off with massive cumshot swallowing. I was a little disappointed to discover that scenes usually “only” include gang-blowjobs without any fucking at all. There are a few scenes maybe 1:5 that include a fuck scene and this is just one on one and then the girl will blow a lot of other guys afterwards. I think it would have spiced up the action a hella lot more if there would have been actual gangbang fucking in between. I enjoy watching blowjobs, sure, but it gets a bit monotonous after 5 minutes no matter how many cocks the girl has at her disposal. I end up just going for the first and last segment of the scenes and I don’t get the feeling that I am missing anything.

If we cut right through the bullshit and get down to what the site focuses on, the sperm-“cocktails”, then it’s hard not appreciate the finales. If you enjoy cumshots galore you will get your yearly dose here. The cum is served up for the girls straight into their mouths or first poured into a cocktail glass and served as an up-scale drink for them to devour with great pleasure, as they do. This part of the site is spot on and will without a doubt hit the target audience that is into extreme cum swallowing/drinking.

Now the videos here are not exclusively shot for they are ripped from DVD releases and made available online only through this particular site. I’ve gotten into a fight with many webmasters demanding that I then refer to the movies as exclusive but they are really not. Sure they are only distributed for downloads through this site but you can pick up the DVD in any store and there is a chance that you have seen the videos before even if you have never been a member of the site. So let’s call this semi-exclusive content and be aware that if you are an avid porn DVD collector there is a chance you have seen the content here before, best way to make sure is check the tour.

let’s just talk quality shall we? Oh I think me shall oh defender of the black ma…. Sorry I wondered. Anyways, kickass videos. They finally done it, they promised me like a year ago that the would take their videos on the network to the next level and they have. Let me explain.

The videos are available as 5 minute segments in the following formats:
Low: WMV (56 kbps) WMV (128 kbps) MPG (350 kbps)

High: WMV (700 kbps) MPG (650 kbps) – Full Scene Download (DVD)

A nice selection of quality levels and the newly added feature of being able to download the clips in true DVD quality is just a very good move for the entire network, not to mention for this site. The whole network seems to be working hard to offer this new quality level to all their site. If they support it 100% on the network, watch out because that is gonna be cool. As it looks now they are pretty close to offering it all around and this quality level really is worth it!

The network this site is a part of great place for porn period. (was the extra period redundant?....) We have reviewed some good sites here and we have reviewed some great ones here along with some hit and miss site. But when you put it all together the fact is that if you are looking for porn this network delivers big time with a lot of exclusive material with focus on easy navigating and good quality always. To read more about the network you can check out our review of brainpass To make it clear you get access to all the site they have to offer when you join this site, or any other that is part of the network.

There’s not much more to say, the navigation is simply and easy because you really only have to browse through the video and picture section. If you do sign up just remember you have access to a shitload of sites like 25+. Use the flash navigation bar you always have available to site-jump all you want and bookmark what you like. Check out 2 screenshots I did for another review for this network: navigation picture1picture2

I am not gonna mention the network much more, suffice to say you get a shitload of porn and most of it is semi-exclusive DVD rip sites that focus on a niche but the quality is nice and the quantity is amazing. As for on it’s own I think the cumshots alone doesn’t make a complete site. I missed some gangbang action as I got easily bored watching blowjobs with the occasional 1-on-1 fuck scene. The site passes but it could have been a great site with more varied action. Yes the cumshots finales are spectacular and out there and that’s also what secures this site a decent rating. If you love watching girls drinking cum by the gallon this is one of the better alternatives out there.


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