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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of The Panty Collector:

Panties are a fascinating thing. Guys just want to get into them. Nowadays, panties are being worn as a fashion statement. Girls will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on underwear. As guys, we love underwear, but our ultimate goal is to get that crap off and get deep inside our women. There are some people who just love panties. I am more of a type of guy who wants to take them off of girls. But either way, today we look at a website that not only focuses on panties, but on the fantasies some of us have of panties.

The Panty Collector is a site with a focus on panties. Some of us think that only men can be attracted to panties. Not true. Women can have just as much of an attraction to panties as men can. And this site proves it, as Katja and her friends show us how to really appreciate panties. The site is set up like an episodic series as well, which makes the idea even more unique and interesting. If you like panties, this is the site for you.

Signing onto Panty Collector, you get the site split into two. One site has the original, interesting concept of the Panty Collector series in 10 episodes. The other side has some linkings for some unoriginal content, movies, pictures, and stories all included. I like the way they split it up. The majority of what I will be looking at is the original Panty collector series. The sites front page is a great portal into the site, and I really liked everything involved around the design of it. Great concept and nice execution.

When you click into an episode, you get a description of the action and one big picture along with five smaller thumbnails of the action. Your video options are MPG or WMV in broadband quality or WMV only for dialup quality. You download the videos right here from the page. I would say that the previews are sufficient, and the ability to download the full movie online is great. There are no segments, and I don't think they would even be needed here. Overall, a nice videos page.

The broadband quality here is awesome. The WMVs are 3128k, and the MPGs are equally as good looking. You can full screen these videos with no problem, very little loss of quality. For such a fetish, I think members will be extremely delighted with the quality of video here. Usually when some not as common fetishes get a website, the quality usually is nowhere near as good. Here, it is great and that is a nice change.

The pictures here look just as good as the videos. This is important with a site like this. The panty fetish can work in both video and picture, and this site is a good example of that. If you are into that, you will be downloading videos as well as saving pictures. The pictures are 1500 x 996 pixels and look awesome. You do not get any extras, such as the ability to download zip files or view a slideshow. While it might be low on bells and whistles, it is high on quality.

The main portion of the site is broken into ten episodes of Katja and her panty love. While this is the best part of the site, it is not all of it. The other side is updated daily with all kinds of panty goodness, including stories. In addition, there is a new Panty Collector coming soon too, so its not like the site is going to never have exclusive content again. Overall, just a great setup, and the nonexclusive videos and pictures are also good and keep up with the panty theme.


I would recommend this to any panty fan. If you are not into this fetish, the site might not suit you, but this is a great site and I wish some of my fetishes were represented this well on a site!


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