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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$39.95/90 days
$69.95/180 days

Review of Czech Feet:

The fetish of the foot is something that could be considered odd. I am not one to knock anybodies personal preferences; lord knows I have plenty of odd fetishes myself. Hey, I even give respect to the foot myself. So why do the feet people seem off on a universe of their own? Maybe because a girl could be buck naked, in front of you ready to serve your every need, and as a foot fetishest, the first thing that comes to mind is, "hey can I see your soles?" As I said, I don't mean to knock it, but some things I just can't understand myself.

Czech Feet is a site for those who understand this fetish, and embrace it. It is a site with a focus squarely on feet. These girls aren't showcasing much of anything else but their feet. I don't know why they added the Czech part, because if we are looking at feet, does it really matter what country they are from? I know that these girls are smoking hot Czech girls, though, so I am not complaining too much. Anyways, I think the theme is strong. While there are some feet sites out there, this one takes the theme to a good level. And the added theme of having Czech girls doesn't detract from the theme at all, either. I don't know how much it adds, but it doesn't hurt to have that additional theme. Overall, this a good theme, but very fetish specific too. If you don't like feet, you surely won't like Czech Feet.

The sidebar is the main tool of navigation on this footsy site. On the left hand site, you get a listing of pages of pictures and videos. There are 28 picture pages and 26 video pages at time of review. There is just a text link saying "page xx" for each one. It's maybe not the most effective way to get across the content, but it worked okay on this site. They are also listed in reverse order, so you get the latest pages listed first. The main page of the site focuses on the latest updates, doing a four thumbnail horizontal spread for each set added. There is also a listing of the upcoming sets, so you know what to look forward to. This is done in the same format. Overall, this site is set up pretty nicely. It kind of has an older feel to it, which I would normally be critical of. However, it works in the context of this particular page because of the theme and the content.

Both pictures and video have a similar focus on Czech Feet, and that is a high focus. Talking about pictures, you just need to pick your proper page from the sidebar. When you do that, you get one-thumbnail previews of the sets on that page in the main page. Click on a set, and you get all the thumbnails for that set. Standard picture setup. The pictures look pretty good when you go into full view. They end up being 769 x 1024 pixels and the quality is pretty good. They are very bright and vivid, something I would not expect as much from this site. That surprised me, but in a good way. You can notice some imperfections if you look closely, but how close are you going to hold your head to the screen?

I would say the biggest downfall of the pictures section here would be the old school approach they have as far as setup goes. There is no ability to download zip files of the entire set, which is something that I would think many of us would be extremely interested in. You also cannot do a slideshow for, well, umm, some "hands free" viewing. It's very basic, and very aged approach to thumbnails and pictures in general. It isn't a complete site killer, but that was the biggest weakness I found.

The videos page gives you four preview thumbnails for each movie. Each thumbnail represents a segment of video. You can also download the entire movie in WMV format. The segments are done up in MPG. Most of these movie files are extremely small in size. We are talking 10-20mb each. Very managable. Each one is given a short category, such as licking, worship, etc. The thumbnails are pretty good, they give you a good idea of what the girl is doing in the set and also how she looks, and in most cases how her feet look as well.

The videos here clock in at a respectable 800k, again I must reiterate I wasn't expecting a quality go great. The videos look really good, but they are more clips than anything else. That explains the smaller size of the files. Most of these movies are no longer than two minutes long. That might not be appealing to some, but I have to say that it also fit into the context of the site. Do we need to see the same girl showcasing her feet for ten minutes? I'd rather see five girls do it for two minutes each, and I think that fits in better with the context of the site. And it makes for easy quick downloads, and everything is right in the foot world.

The girls here are usually extremely hot looking. Many of them are also down to earth looking, your not going to get a big group of porn skanks here. Furthermore, some of the women here might not be perfect. It works both ways but for the most part the selection is really good, as well as really refreshing. Good combination. The action here is all footwork, two girls worshiping each others feet, and solo girls just showing off their feet. I didn't come across many sets with dudes in them. It is pretty much single girls and lesbians. They have a nice mixture of teen girls and mature women as well. Overall, just a good grouping in both of these categories.

At the time of review, the site had about 226 video sets and close to 600 picture sets. This is a huge amount of content, and while the video sets didn't run long, the picture sections are all pretty long. There weren't any bonus sites included here, but you have plenty of content to surf through here. And with updates coming several times a week, you won't go long without a good foot-set!


This is a good, foot-fetishist only site. While not the most modern site around, it gets the fetish across solidly and has a ton of content. At a nice price, this is definately worth a look for anyone who thinks the foot should not be ignored.


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