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Review of LA Strokers:

You stroker! I don't know why a girl giving a guy a handjob is so beautiful. I mean, it is almost like watching a gay porn. Stick with me here. I mean, the focus is squarely on a penis and a hand massaging it. How can someone be hetero and enjoy that? I ask myself that everytime I review a new handjob site. And then I really get into the site, and find myself enjoying it more than the average person. Does that make me funny? I don't think so, because the helping hand here is one of a very beautiful woman!

LA Strokers is a site with a focus on handjobs. I honestly do not know what the LA stands for. But I guess it doesn't really matter. The focus here is on handjobs, and I know that theme has been done around a bit. LA Strokers doesn't add a whole lot to the theme actually. Just consider it another entry. What this genre really needs is a bit of variety. I mean, make it blonde girls, asian girls, girls with huge knockers, something to set it apart from the other handjob sites out there. Therefore, the theme is a little flat here, but not enough to harm your enjoyment of yet another handjob site.

When you first sign into LA Strokers, you first get the top five movies of LA Strokers shown horizontally. I am a little crazy for #2, in case you were wondering. Underneath this is some network updates. We then get the latest movie added, with a huge thumbnail and the pertinent info. Under this, we get the movie archive. You can customize how many are listed per page and what kind of order they go in. For each video, you get some nice info, such as model name, the date added, run time of the video, file size, and the user rating. All important information. You also get one thumbnail of the girl, usually an action shot that still shows off her face pretty well. Site setup here is pretty good, effective and the site has a good use of its characteristics. The previews are pretty good, albeit limited. We can deal if this leads to good videos.

When you click on a movie, you get a more extrapolated version of the information given on the front page. There are thumbnails for each segment of video. The segments are broken down quite a bit. Some videos have up to eleven plus segments. Luckily, they have more recently been offering full video downloads. Now, if you go past the first 20-30 videos, you no longer have that option and have to do segments. They should retroactively add the full video for all of the sets, but at least you have that option for some of the videos here. The videos are sectioned out so that the segments have a slightly less quality, where as the full video has a better quality.

The quality here is 2096k, which is a very nice number. You might wonder how that equates to video. The video here is very clear and excellent at full screen. You will definately not have any problems with the quality here, even if you are a quality nut. If you want to be nitpicky, I'm sure it's not perfect. But it's good enough for me. The quality lessens a bit as we go into older movies.. but for the most part it is still above average.

One of the downfalls here would be the fact that there are no pictures of the girls whatsoever. I don't know whats worse; a sloppy, disgusting picture section or none at all. I think pictures help in many ways, and I don't like seeing them excluded. But this is squarely a video site, so keep in mind the pictures would probably suck ass anyway.

The girls on LA Strokers are excellent. One of my bigger complaints was that there was a lot of recycling of girls. You could see the same girl a couple of times on this site. On top of that, many of these girls have been seen out and about on a lot of different sites. So maybe not the most original girls, but a good selection nonetheless. The focus here is squarely on handjobs, and that is where a lot of the action lies. While it will be a very good site for guys into handjobs, those who are not so much into them might be left with a little more to be desired.

The content level is very high here. The total set count as of this review is close to 120. With weekly updates, that number will continue to grow and grow as well. The site is also working on getting a network together. Right now, it just includes Strapon Stars and Real Girls on Film. These are two good, bountiful sites as well, so just another good reason to check it out!


LA Strokers has great quality, I'd love to see full videos throughout the site. As far as quality goes, the full videos match up to pretty much anything and all the handjob genre has produced. There is a nice collection of girls, and I really see no reason why a fan of the hand isn't joining this as we speak!


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