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Review of Skin VIP:

Ah, another wrapup site. You know I love these. Well, in this case I do love this one. And that is because I got extremely excited when this came up for review. That is because I have fallen heavily for the female Nikky Blonde who is highlighted on one of these sites. Of course, I didn't realize that until after I left the network originally. Then I was scarfing up every little bit of Nikky goodness I could find. But now, I have it again, and boy oh boy does it feel good.

The flagship site of this network is Angels of Porn. Angels of Porn has been around since 1999, and has had a lot of facelifts since then. In fact, one of the things that impresses me most about this particular site is the fact that even though it is going on seven years, it still has continually grown with the times. Even though the current updates go back to 2002, there is a ton of content. And the Angels of Porn have some very pretty looking girls.

BJ POV is the site listed next. This is a simple site, with a focus on blowjobs and girls giving them while the guy receiving them is holding the camera. While nothing too interesting or special, BJ POV is a nice addition to the network. It has been updated pretty continually lately, and right now features around fifty sets of content. This is a nice add for POV fans, and a solid entry in of itself.

Nikky Blond is next. I am a huge fan of this skinny, cute Hungarian blonde girl. There is something about her that drives me absolutely crazy. This is a single model site, without a whole lot of interaction, but a single model site nonetheless. Nikky has a lot of sets, mostly of her and her man friend. There are some lesbian sets included though, but I feel the sites biggest downfall (other than me not being the guy in it) is that it is a little samey. Not in a horrible way, but unless you worship Nikky like I do, you will probably feel a bit of that.

Tonys Casting Couch is a site that attempts to cast fresh faces into porn. There are a lot of different sites that do this, and nothing really seperates Tony's Casting Couch from anybody elses. At the same time, you do get a nice amount of content even though the quality could use a little work. I liked the site, but it could be a lot stronger.

As we move on, the sites get very generic. Shemale Pickup is the generic shemale site. Red Asses is a site with a spanking focus, but not enough content at the time to make it appealing on its own. Butt Bangin is an extremely generic anal sex site, while Strokejobs does a bit better at being a handjob site. All in all, the sites above are the meat, and these are the potatoes. In other words, you will join and love the sites above, while these ones I am talking about now will simply be a nice little additional side dish.

The quality of the videos around this network is pretty steady. They have some good videos, but they are often hampered by pixelation, and even though the bitrates always seem relatively high, the videos do have a bit of that bad transfer pixelation to them. With that said, they are still pretty good and worth a look. Most of the sites offer full video options, so you can get some no-nonsense downloading in. For the most part, the sites are structured really well.


Skin VIP is a nice little network that is just kind of there. If they had a full network of sites like AOP and Nikky Blond, then we would have a real winner here. But it is pretty obvious that they have their few headlining sites, and the rest are there as decent filler. All this said, I enjoy the network a lot, but when it comes down to it, there are better networks to go to over this one.


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