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Review of Evelyn Lory:

Evelyn Lory is no stranger to me. I have had the pleasure of running several of her pictorials and movies on the net as I have reviewed sites. I especially remember a lesbian scene with Silvia Saint that really rocked and I was able to find that one here as well. Evelyn is a hot Slovakian who has been running this site since 2004. At first it was only a single model site meaning only content that she, Evelyn, had done was featured on the site. Through the past couple of years she has expanded the site to include pictures and movies featuring other Czech or Slovakians. According to the text on the site, these are the best models from either country, quite a thing to be boasting.

First off, hands down, Evelyn Lory is gorgeous and I can easily agree that she is probably one of the finest models to ever come out of Slovakia. And since this is basically still her personal site that has expanded into it’s only fair to mainly focus the review on her content and basically look at the site as a single model site, with bonus content.

Evelyn, Exclusive
To make things clear for the surfers there is a section dedicated only to the exclusive pictures/movies that you will only find on this page. However, you have to deal with the fact that the exclusive content lists movies and pictures together. I would have been cool to see the list of exclusive movies only rather than having to spot them in between listed picture sets. But that is probably because there are only a handful of exclusive striptease movies available. Well that’s not entirely true unless you have some warped hands, I counted 13 exclusive movie scenes all of which are Evelyn alone stripping, so no new hardcore exclusives, sorry J. There are of course a little more exclusive picture sets, 50 to be precise. With over 2 years of being online, 63 exclusive sets for Evelyn is not impressive, I would have thought that if this was her official site she would at least do one set a week for her members, but it looks more like you can be lucky to see a new exclusive set every 3 weeks and that will probably be a pictorial.

All Evelyn
Overall you get a lot more Evelyn though. All in all you get 30 movies, mainly striptease mixed with a few lesbian scenes. On the pictorial side you have access to 90 Evelyn sets. But must we not forget the “backstage” footage. This is probably the best spice on the page as you find some funny, obscure and revealing pictures and movies about how Evelyn acts before she goes in front of the camera, what she does that’s edited out and follow her on some breaks. This is where I got the most fun out of the site.
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The quality of the videos vary a bit when switching from the regular shoots and the backstage stuff of course, I would not really expect anything else. The videos are available as one-file downloads in either wmv or DivX (avi) format. The quality is decent for the latest updates the resolution of 640 x480 is very nice however the less professionally shot videos tend to have faded coloring and be more grainy than the rest.

All the ‘girlfriends’
In the business I’m sure Evelyn knows a lot if not all the models featured on her site here. As stated before the models here are all Czechs or Slovakian and the content featuring these models is not exclusive at all. Actually all this content is available on numerous sites, not that it makes it bad, it’s just a bit saturated for the regular porn surfer. There are 150+ sets listed, but once again videos and pictures are listed together and if a movie has a corresponding picture set, then it’s still listed twice so this number could be a tad misleading. There is no arguing that the pictures are all nice quality, at 1600 x 1000 resolution you’d be a bastard to demand it higher, wouldn’t you?

W-o-r-d-s spells personality!
If you are looking to get a bit closer to Evelyn then this is not going to be the site for you. The site is extremely impersonal considering it’s supposed to be Evelyn’s official site. I realize she might not speak fluid English and so text might be an issue but I’m sure she could find someone to help her translate a few words. Some stories about the shoots she has done would be great or at least some descriptions of how it went would be great. A diary or some interactions with the members is probably never gonna happen but as it is now, you do not feel Evelyn’s presence on the site, and with a beauty like that, it’s a damn shame because “I would have love to have known her”.

Evelyn Lory is a solid site, despite it’s flaws. If you are looking for Evelyn Lory pictures or videos you have no alternative that can match this collection especially due to the nice stack of exclusives as well. The bonus content fits Evelyn and chances are that if you are a fan of her and what she does you will appreciate the extra material that has to offer. This is still to be looked at mainly as a single model site, Evelyn Lory’s site so if you dig her (check the samples) you will no doubt have a jolly good time here.


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