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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
Special: $79.99/365 days (Reg. $107.40)
$39.95/90 days

Review of Zero Tolerance On Demand:

You will really have to excuse me in this review, I am afraid I am very biased when it comes to the content here. ZTOD stands for Zero Tolerance On Demand and if you do not already know the studio Zero Tolerance (ZO) now is as good a time as any to find out more about them.

Why is it a big deal to me?
When I first started reviewing porn sites one porn producing company was taking over most sites, that company was named Red Light District. They were the first producers to take their gonzo DVD content license it to every Tom, Dick and Harry wanna-be-pornsite-webmaster. Red Light did a good job no doubt about it, we all ate up their productions but after a while we got fed up and you started to recognize all the Red Light models on every site. Red Light then decided to stop licensing their content to other sites, which of course meant the stage was ready for a new gonzo studio, enter Zero Tolerance. No doubt that ZO is very much inspired by the type of videos that made RL so successful and so they wanted to cash in on it. Luckily they had an angle and that was of course the Zero Tolerance policy for their models. This means the women can not be scarred by plastic surgery, be tattooed and well generally be good looking. I am sure we can all relate, right?

Of course this recipe became a giant online success just as the Red Light content, and once again they were forced to stop licensing their new productions to all adult webmasters. That day was a sad day for me. I have had access for for a while, which is my preferred dvd archive site to this day. However I was saddened to learn that they would not be adding any of the new ZO DVDs that were being produced. When you also know they would not license them to webmasters any more you start wondering how to see the videos online. The answer is!

So how much can there really be?
As only feature content from one porn company you might think it would be light on content. Luckily this is not the case. Presently the site features an impressive lineup of 1122 scenes. This is basically exclusive content by now, Around 40 of the DVDs were licensed in the beginning and now they feature 154 complete titles so that’s 114 DVDs that are only available here, that’s quite impressive. Think of it as over 700 scenes only available here.

What I think offers better than anyone else if of course the fact that they put their own productions online very fast and therefore it’s a very juicy experience to look at their “new releases” list.

gotta love that

As you can tell from that shot these guys really only shoot hot chicks not some burned out has been or buck eyed toothless girls. It really is top of the line here and you should be ashamed if you are not drooling by now.

Alright so how do I see these videos?
Well the videos are available as scene downloads in WMV format only. You can download or stream these videos as you wish in 3 quality levels named: Broadband – Broadband Low – Modem. I’ll warn modem users right now, one file is usually over 100MB just so you know, not many 56k dial-up users want go wait around for that. Also the broadband files are just over 400MB in size and I think their encoding settings are a bit off here. The quality is good don’t get me wrong, but I think you could easily make un-noticeable changes to make those files around 100MB smaller in size.

Now this all sounds great, 1122 scenes, 154 DVDs, mostly exclusive online content, beautiful models in well shot hardcore action, I mean, where do I sign up… right? Well yes and no. The reason for using wmv files as the only format here is pretty obvious once you have downloaded your first file because you find out that it is DRM protected. DRM protection basically means that the file can be programmed to “expire” at a given date and then check back in with the site to see if the user should still be able to play the file. Also it prevents file sharing of course. The only drawback for us users is that we can only watch the movies we download as long as we stay as members of!

Anything else?

- The site is easy to navigate and if you are a fan of a particular series of ZT there is a combo box on every dvd title page from where you can select other volumes from that particular series. I enjoyed that feature a lot as it made my selecting very easy.

- All the models can easily be tracked down to every scene they have ever shot as you can search by their names or click the thumbnail of a model to see what other movies she’s in.

- You have your own “collection” pages. Here you can bookmark DVDs or picture sets in case you have some favorites you want to be able to reach quickly. I used it a bit in the beginning and I see the use for it when I switch computers.

- The scenes come with digital still pictures but these are not very well linked to. You basically have to click the model in the scene you want to see pictures for and then choose galleries. It’s awkward but they are there. The resolution is a satisfying 900 x 600 resolution and nice sharp pictures, definitely an extra spice for the site.

This site is a winner from the get go with only one drawback that may hit our wallet in the future, the drm protection of the files. Having said that, this is the greatest collection of DVDs in my book as I believe they display the highest concern for quality in every way with their titles and I am delighted to suck all the scenes I can out of this site and probably stay as member for a while. This site comes highly recommended and I know for a fact that you cannot see over 100 of these DVDs any where else it’s still a great deal and you certainly get bang for your buck.

Told ya ;)


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