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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Hardcore Bunnies:

A new Deny's DeFrancesco site has hit the net and it's name is Deny's is a famous European photographer who always shoots amazing pictures. We have seen his talent on great sites such as, and They are all great sites, for those who like a touch of glam in their porn along with professionally done pictures. Hardcore Bunnies is not really out to create a new niche for DF sites, it has simply chosen to focus on the hardcore movies he has done.

There is really no reason for me start this review off by explaing the storyline of the movies or the setups, because there are none. The site is straight up studio shot porn with no recurring theme to think of. The "niche" hardcore can contain lots of other micro niches and in this it has quite a few and you can browse the content by them, you can choose to browse by these niches:
B/G-Anal * B/G-Classic * B/G-100%-Anal (no pussy fucking at all) * MMF (2 guys on 1 girl) * FFM (2 girls 1 guy) * Gang Bang * Interracial.

I love how easy this site is to navigate. First of all I appreciate a great deal that they have chosen to let us brows the content by niches but also I dig the model directory. This part is very well put together. You get to browse the models alphabetically with thumbnail previews, a kewl feature is that you can check if you the listing order by; Hair color, name or bra size! Once you choose a model you will to taken to "her page" where every movie she has appeared in is listed along with some general info about the model such as bra size, date of birth etc. You are always just one click away from a model's page, if you are looking at an Anal movie for example, on that page there will also be a link to the model's page so you can see what else she has done. The browsing is intuitive and you really feel like anywhere you want to go, you can with just one click. Nice job by the webmaster.

Now with well over 300 movies already online this site starts out as kind of a monster site. Although this is very, VERY impressive it's also part of the story that the videos are not exclusive to hardcore bunnies. All of these movies are available as well through DF's other sites, think of this more as : DF The Hardcore Collection (honestly, I would have named it that). It's also fair to say that the oldes 100 movies do not offer quality that is up to par in the year 2006. The oldest clips to utilize DivX encoded movies as well and even if they are a bit grainy old clips from 2001 could look a lot worse.

The site still updates with a new movie every other day.

When downloading the movies you have some choices to make: wmv, Xvid (avi) or mov format. There are no quality levels to choose from as such, but the Avi files are high quality where wmv and mov are medium I'd say. If you want to download the complete movie as one file you can only choose a very high quality vmw file. Now this one ranged in quality because I download on that was 800 mb in size and was actually HD quality (a very new movie). On other movies the quality was a bit lower though, again as you go back in time in the movies the quality deteriorates.

The pictures however are classic Deny's DeFrancesco of course, always a pleasure to browse through and on this site I took advantage of the zip download feature quality a lot (I collect his work). I had to download the zip files as 20 picture packages, it would have been really nice to have a "download all the pictures in one zip file" function because when a set has 128 pictures available you need to download 7 .zip files and keep track of those. Other than that DF's pictures rock as always and no one does hardcore still pictures better in my opinion.

Hardcorebunnies is not only a great value because of the bulgy model archive, or the 300+ movies it can already boast in it's archive. It is so simple and easy to navigate that it takes you seconds to find that exact clip that is just right for you. I don't see how the system could be done better. The model archive also features a lot of really cute girls and seeing these do hardcore action is a delight. Of course most of this content is available on the other sites Deny runs but as a hardcore package deal, I would buy this one any day of the week, recommended.


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