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Review of Europe Hotties:

Does Pierre Woodman ring a bell with you? He does with most European porn lovers I'm sure. Pierre Woodman is the man behind countless PRIVATE productions and I guess he was one of the first to release his audition tapes. I knew who he was because of the elaborate Private movie productions but I became a fan of his audition tapes, this was really like the first step into reality porn before that term even existed. With this new site has teamed up with him to creater another addition to it's already more than healthy size. The site is named Europe Hotties which doesn't really give much hint as to what we can expect of this site, but here's exactly what you get.

First of all, even though Brainpass features exclusive sites, this really cannot be put into that category. The deal between Woodman and Brainpass is that they are the only ones who can distribute this dvd series line on the net. So if we look at it this way, the content is exclusive on the net, but the DVDs have already been produced and sold in stores for a few years, so it's not fresh content. The guarantee is only that you will not find this content any other place on-line.

The action is, of course, very similar to that of the Private video productions and the emphasis there has always no-bullshit-hardcore-porn. I used to rent the Private VHS/DVDs when I was at the store because I always knew what I got, straight up ultra dirty hardcore. There was almost more than one guy to a girl and DPs pretty much became mandatory. In my eyes Pierre Woodman has helped set the standard for what we expect of hardcore porn today.

So here you can expect Pierre's trademark movies. You will get 2 guys on one girl in all movies, minimum I guess we can call that gangbangs as well. There is anal penetration in all the movies spiced up with DPs of course. It's nonstop action all the way, it's sweaty, dirty and raw and it's just like Pierre Woodman has always done it, I'm still a fan.

I don't really have a lot of grief's about this site, but I would like to mention the lack of still shot images. There are absolutely none available which makes sense considering this is DVD content ripped for the site. We get the obligatory screenshots to browse through, and even though admit that those are better quality than anywhere else basically, I still miss some nice crisp pictures.

That minor burp is not going to spoil my mood however. As it turns out, the movie section offer a nice pleasant surprise, the ability to download the complete movie in one file in true DVD quality. Brainpass has recently started adding their movies with this feature but this is the first site to offer this quality and one-file download for all the movies on the site. This is the only way I download of course because I have a nice broadband connection that can download the files in 10 minutes or so. If you don't have a huge connection like that you do have some other options:

All movies can be download as:
Low quality: WMV (56 kbps) WMV (128 kbps) MPG (350 kbps)
High Quality: WMV (700 kbps) MPG (650 kbps) MPG Full Scene (2000 kbps)

That is a nice selection of quality levels and chances are you'll find one that fits you perfectly. I don't believe I can remember any other network or site that offers 6 quality levels, kudos.

Because this site is part of the network you will have access to a lot of other sites, 35 sites at the time of review to be exact. I have worked for 45 minutes listing all the sites you get access to when signing up here so if you are interested in knowmore about which sites you get access to just scroll down.

Pierre Woodman is the king of hardcore in my eyes and I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me. I realize this is not a 100% exclusive site, but it is net-exclusive which of course is a plus even though it is recycled content. The video quality is great, the navigation is simple and intuitive and you are helped a lot by the navigation bar that is always available for site jumping. Overall this is another site to beef up the network more than anything else, but there's nothing wrong with these gangbang/anal/dp/hardcore videos at all and there are no restrictions whatsoever. Combined with the network it makes this site something to consider, especially if you have heard of Mr. Woodman before then this is a must.

30 days membership: $29.95
90 days membership: $59.95

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