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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
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Review of Tamed Teens:

No kidding, the girls here get tamed big time. At first I thought the name of this site was just an uninspired attempt to desperately make a new site. I actually never suspected that it was an actual theme they follow up on. Is your girlfriend starting to get a bit too rowdy? Does she spit on you during sex? Does she talk back when you're fucking her? Then maybe she needs to be tamed. The movies available on this site is a perfect example on how to do that by any means necessary. As you can guess this site tries to be on the rougher side of hardcore sex by showing off teen girls that are virtually out of control to the extent that they need to be calmed down using rough methods.

The site got off to a great site before I even entered it because I knew the company behind it; Perfect Gonzo (PO). These guys have made killer high quality hit sites like:,, and one of the latest The first two anal sites are known for being very hardcore and offer extremely high quality and crispy sharp close-ups of the action. is another shot at making the hardcore a little more…. Hard core… ;)

The action is pretty straight forward. As with all the other sites PO have built they don't emphasize any story line, hence the name Perfect Gonzo. They do build up the movies with some introduction text to kind of set the mood, honestly I hardly ever read this but for those you who like to get your imagination tickled a bit more with some juicy short story it's all good of course.

Basically the set up is straight sex featuring teens that are pretty much out of control, or rather, in control when it comes to sex. Like I said earlier they command, slap and spit on the guys and to teach these girls a lesson the guys have to employ the same unfair tricks upon them to get them tamed for the next guy to shove his dick up in them. It is of course all in good fun so don't confuse this site with a fetish s/m site because if that's your poison you will be disappointed. The girls giggle and smile through the whole thing, even when they get a small slap on the cheek or the spitball she just fired gets returned. Even when the guys do the almost mandatory choke hold (that doesn't actually choke). If you really like the hardcore to be rough without crossing over to s/m with the red butts and tied up breasts then you will appreciate the level they take it to here.

The still pictures are of excellent quality, always crystal clear and with good lighting and the site still feature their famous close-up shots that we have all come to love. The resolution is 1024 * 768 usually and this is probably the best choice for max resolution right now as even 1200x res surfers finds larger resolution annoying. This is just good enough to be high without being overkill. You can download all the pictures for an episode as a .zip file. It can be a bit annoying browsing the pictures as they insert ads for their other sites halfway down the page between the thumbnails.

Regarding the movies they have made some really smart decisions as well. First of all you can choose to either download the movies or watch them as streaming movies in your browser. You have the option to stream segments in low and medium format and you can download low/med/high as segmented mpg files. Finally you have the option of downloading the complete scene as super hq wmv file or med quality mpg. Both are good quality here but the super wmv file really is worth waiting for even though they are around 400mb in size usually.

The site is updated weekly with a new episode and they date stamp all updates so they seem to keep their promise with this site also. At the time of review there were 22 episodes all with movies/still/screenshot.

On top of all the exclusive movies they have also a very kewl bonus movie archive. These movies are listed just as well as the exclusive ones and presented as very juicy with a user rating system in place. There were around 30 bonus movies at the time of review.

This is another great site done by Perfect Gonzo although a big more general in it's niche. It's not specifically an anal site I guess but most of the movies feature it so anal lovers will get some nice action as well. I really loved this site as I don't get too see that many new 100% exclusive high quality sites any more, especially all hardcore ones. I think I will return to this site again for the hot girls and the hardcore action.

Monthly - €29.95 EUR
3 Day Trial - €2.95 EUR - very limited access, pr material only
90 Day Onetime - €69.81 EUR


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