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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of Prime Cups:

"Earl! Them damn kids are at it again". Ok it was either that intro or the Britney quote and frankly I think that one was killed several years ago. It's all just to state that we are dealing with a well known company here called Perfect Gonzo (PO) that has once again released one of their high quality 100% exclusive sites. Now I for one never get tired of that combo and the PO guys never seem to let me down with their homebrewed formula for success. This time they are focusing on the most noticeable attributed on a woman, provided they aren't built like a surf board, that's right this site is all about big ass tits. . Now usually PO makes hardcore boy/girl or girl/girl sites even, but one is a blend of boy/girl, girl/girl and single girl masturbation videos. Let's see of that matches up.

I just signed up for this site 4 hours ago, and mind you, I did not choose the trial option because the trials for all PO sites do not grant full access to the sites. Infact the trial access is limited to some promotional material therefore I went for the full month membership right away.

Since I signed up I've been studying up on my boob knowledge because with a site like this I really wanted to give you the real – fake ratio, I think that would only be fitting. The sad part is that I have never been really good at picking out the fake ones unless it's very obvious. So I called my wife over to the computer to let her have a crack it. Right away she blurted out fake! Of course, that's the female instinct when they see a pair bigger than their own. Just like we say other guys have small dicks if their car is bigger than ours. After a while of going over the thumbnails for the movies she had to admit that she was only sure about 3 of the girls having fake breasts, the rest "looked pretty real" as she put it. I think they all look quite natural but still the fake:real ratio would be 1:10 if you listen to her. Give me a break, when dealing with boobs we had to at least discuss it, right?

The site is built by a familiar layout, this would be the same layout PO utilizes on all their other sites. This layout along with a simple design makes the content very easy to navigate. The first page of the members area features an overview of all the girls on the site, clicking on an episode thumbnail takes you to the episode where you can choose to look at the movies, the digital still pictures or screenshots. No matter what you are browsing through, picture of movies, you will always have fast help link available if you run into trouble, for example with the streams.

The still pictures are of excellent quality, always crystal clear and with good lighting and the site still feature their famous close-up shots that we have all come to love. The resolution is 1024 * 768 usually and this is probably the best choice for max resolution right now as even 1200x res surfers finds larger resolution annoying. This is just good enough to be high without being overkill. You can download all the pictures for an episode as a .zip file. It can be a bit annoying browsing the pictures as they insert ads for their other sites halfway down the page between the thumbnails.

Regarding the movies they have made some really smart decisions as well. First of all you can choose to either download the movies or watch them as streaming movies in your browser. You have the option to stream segments in low and medium format and you can download low/med/high as segmented mpg files. Finally you have the option of downloading the complete scene as super hq wmv file or med quality mpg. Both are good quality here but the super wmv file really is worth waiting for even though they are around 400mb in size usually.

The site is updated weekly with a new episode and they date stamp all updates so they seem to keep their promise with this site also. There is no way to say when they will add boy/girl sets or just solo as that selection seems to be random on their part. At the time of review there were 30 episodes all with movies/still/screenshot.

So who will dig this site?

Well you have to love breasts of course and you have to like them big! Of course if you like freakishly big then this isn't it. The theme is a bit weak because of the mixed hardcore niches. Would have been easier for me to let know though that this is either a hardcore site, or not. Well it is mainly strip/masturbation movies but like 15% is hardcore so you gotta dig looking at the boobs in both types of action. Lesbian movies are rare here, don't expect them. It will also appeal to you if you like girls all dolled up because the girls like to go all the way with make-up and accessories. It's like a mix between amateur type shots (though very professional, weird huh?) of voluptuous glam women.

This is another hit by the PO guys and frankly I don't see how they can miss with their high quality formula. If you have joined sites like,, or you might know the style very well and decide you wanna go for another type of porn. But that should also be the only reason why you would not want to take a closer look at this one, particularly if you love your breasts healthy! The selection of models here is top notch both because they all look great aaand they show excellent big booby taste. It's another winner site that could do without the extra ads in the members area.


Reader comments:

Comment by: guy930 Rating: 08-08-05

SO amazing site !

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