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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Annie Berry:

Annie Berry, mmmmm with with whipped cream what a tasty tasty name for a teen pornstar now doing her own site. Well the questions is, is Annie Berry, from here on out known strictly as Berry, really doing this site or is it just a company that occasionally add content? From the the frontpage I gathered that Annie would have to be involved somehow because of this quote;

"Read my journal and stay updated on what I do with my days. I'll tell you all about my sex adventures and new experiments without forgetting any detail. I just love writing and telling people about my kinky and dirty stories."

Can you imagine the look on my face when I logged into the members area and realized that Berry had absolutely no personal involvement with the site whatsoever? Her diary has one entry dated two months ago guess she doesn't love writing that much. I also checked out the pornstarnetwork forum to see if she wrote on the board there. Turns out she is the only model on the network who doesn't have a forum for her site. Also there is not even a link to a live section page or anything, it's just not there.

Now I am gonna ramble on about the quality of videos and pictures later and discuss navigation. However, with this sort of type, a single model site, the most important part is already missing, personal involvement from the model in this case Annie Berry. We can just look at pictures and videos as could have with any other super-mega-monster site. All we can really describe this site as is a site with sorted Annie Berry content. Sounds very impersonal to me.

15 picture sets like half or more a softcore pics. 9 movies. Average time per movie is approx. 15 minutes. Here you get some hardcore boy/girl and some lesbian action but it's still only 9 movies.

let's just talk quality shall we? Oh I think me shall oh defender of the black ma…. Sorry I wondered. Anyways, kickass videos. They finally done it, they promised me like a year ago that the would take their videos on the network to the next level and they have. Let me explain.

The videos are available as 5 minute segments in the following formats:
Low: WMV (56 kbps) WMV (128 kbps) MPG (350 kbps)

High: WMV (700 kbps) MPG (650 kbps) – Full Scene Download (DVD)

A nice selection of quality levels and the newly added feature of being able to download the clips in true DVD quality is just a very good move for this network, not to mention for this site. It was a comfort to me that even though I didn't get to know anything about Berry, at least I went home with kickas quality videos. The whole network seems to be working hard to offer this new quality level to all their site. If they support it 100% on the network, watch out because that is gonna be cool.

Annie Berry is not a good site in it's niche by far, let's just be clear about that before we go any further because I am gonna take a brief look at the network her site is a part of and the network you get unrestricted access to when you sign up.

The network is a great place for porn period. (was the extra period redundant?....) We have reviewed some good sites here and we have reviewed some great ones here along with some hit and miss site. But when you put it all together the fact is that if you are looking for porn this network delivers big time with a lot of exclusive material with focus on easy navigating and good quality always. To read more about the network you can check out our review of brainpass

There's not much more to say, the navigation is simply and easy because you really only have to browse through the video and picture section. If you do sign up just remember you have access to a shitload of sites like 25+. Use the flash navigation bar you always have available to site-jump all you want and bookmark what you like. Check out 2 screenshots I did for another review for this network: navigation picture1picture2

Annie Berry is an impersonal site that offer no insight into what type of person she is and you certainly don't get the feeling that she is involved with the site in any way and that is a shame. As a stand alone site I cannot recommend this in the solo girl category. I will say it like this; Check out the samples of Berry and if you like her you can sign up and download all the content available, the dvd quality ones are great and then you have your moneys worth. And if you like porn, check out the network.


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-06-29

This site is not updated anymore (June 2007). But I like the one video and it was worth to download it!! She does look good in doggy... WOW I love these breasts! But: I guess not worth to join just for that if you're not a maniac like me... HAHA!

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