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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.97/2 days, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of

15 guys on one girl is nothing new, infact those of you who saw Houston 500 (or whatever she ended on) are probably saying "pfff". The rest of you might be more like me and already be contemplating signing up for this site because this you gotta see. That's how I felt about when I heard from the webmaster of the site that it launched, I was like, get me a password I gotta see this. It's not because of the gangbang factor that I got so excited but more because it is launched as an exclusive site. And there is nothing I love more than fresh new porn!

The producer promises the content to be 100% exclusive, I can only confirm that I have not seen any of these movies before and I've seen 4 complete movies for this review. One of these movies the guys were all in t-shirts so I guess it's all good. I do have one concern and that is, that out of the 14 movies currently online only the 3 last added movies are actually exclusive. This could mean they will update only exclusive movies from now on, or it can mean they have a DVD source they will continue to blend in as weekly updates as needed. I would not expect a new exclusive movie once a week I would expect one once a month.

The storylines of the movies aren't too elaborate. Basically you get no chattering up till the action itself but the site tries in writing to set the stage and come up with some raunchy setups for the movie. One could be that this girl shows up at a soccer match just to say hi to her boyfriend and then gets talked into doing all 15. The ones that take place out side, for example the soccer match ones, are the most fun to watch. This is because while the girl is fucking 3 guys and wanking 2 others, the other 10 guys continue to play soccer in the background. And with the sun shining and the green grass it just looks like a very horny picnic going on. Most of the movies are shot indoor though and with other similar setups. The girls do not appear to speak English in any of the episode which is why the intros are not vocal, they are musical, I was afraid the music would keep on playing, but luckily it stops as the real action gets underway.

The action is really good and as gangbangs go these are very good and the girls really enthusiastic and much more in control that you would think with that many guys around. I think the last 3 updates are the exclusively shot ones, and these are definitely the best as well. The girls here talk like crazy while fucking each and every one obviously enjoying it, unfortunately it's mainly in Spanish (I guess) so I don't really get it ;).

It would be misleading for me to say that the movies come with digital still pictures as this currently is only the case for 3 out of 14 movies. So most of the movies really don't have pictures of any kind available so this should what we expect, no pictures. For the ones that don't have still they do not have screen caps either, sorry.

The videos are not downloaded, they are only streamed in wmv format. You can choose between high (768 kbps) or low (384 kbps) quality either as 10 segments per movie or watch the whole thing from beginning to end in one file. There is no option to download the clips so unless you know a few tricks of the trade you can't not download these computers to your hard drive. I always find it to be a damn shame when you have stay as member of a site to still be able to watch the videos.

I jumped right in with this site, I didn't take time to look around the large network I was first dumped into when I logged in. As it turns out, when you sign up for the site you get access to network called SuckMyDickNow. I know this network quite well as I have reviewed most of the sites here. These sites are all just about average exclusive and unoriginal content blended together on the sites. I think it's fair to say that they focus on very hard content and hard names for their sites as well i.e. etc. The network can now boast 25 sites but don't let that impress you too much as there is a good chance that you have seen a lot of the content on the sites, other than that these sites can certainly justify the 1 month membership fee.

There is not a whole more to note about this site, the navigation is extremely simple and you only go to sub pages when you go to a picture gallery (3 of those). Other than that you constantly have a network navigation bar at the top of the page where you go so you can always switch to another site or go to the DVD archive which is a plugin page where you can view streaming DVD titles. The navigation bar really doesn't need more than these two options but they filled it out with links to support, suggestions-feedback and some upsell links. Though all these other options are useless the bar in itself is very useful for site jumping.

This might be the strongest site of the network out the gate but the question of how exclusive it is nags me a little. If this was all new 14 fresh exclusive new 15 on 1 movies then I would have given this site 4½ stars without blinking. I still like the site and I think the network, though a bit lacking in the original department, is a good value. With some good movies here and some REALLY good ones I can recommend this site for a month membership. You might want to leave for a while after that, but you will enjoy the movies until then, and if you haven't signed up to a ton of sites in the past you might get hooked on all the bonus sites.


1. Followup Review
Overall Rating Change

Not much has happened to this page since I dropped by the last time. The site appears to stay on track with it's update schedule, of course in such a short time that doesn't effect the content rating that much as this was already rated 19/20. Overall this site is still alive and kicking and keeping it's promises.

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