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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.98
$29.98/30 days

Review of Big Cock Teen Addiction:

We are all addicted to something, in one way or another. Some people are addicted to nicotine. Hey, that can be a bad one, but so can an addiction to any drug, including alcohol. Some are a little luckier and are only addicted to caffeine, and boy do I hate coffee. Some people are addicted to sex, and I sure like finding women like that. And then we have certain people addicted to porn. Hey, I'm sure if you are reading this you can relate to that. Today we look at a site where teens have an addiction. They are just addicted to huge cocks!

Big Cock Teen Addiction is a teen site with a focus on guys with big wangs. The name kind of gives it away. I think this is an ultra cool theme, for one reason only. You see all kinds of teen sites out there. However, this one takes that theme of teen, and adds in another element. That makes this stand out as being fresher than a lot of the other just plain teen sites there. It's all about theme and freshness sometimes, and Big Cock Teen Addiction thrives on that. If this was just a teen site, I probably wouldn't be nearly as excited about it. But this takes two nice themes and melds them together. Strong theme here!

When you first sign into Big Cock Teen Addiction, you are given a page with the latest update being highlighted. You get a full description, one thumbnail of the girl involved, and links to go to the relevant sections. Underneath this, you get all of the recent updates, but this is just with name, one thumbnail, and update date. Even though it says recent updates, you get like 28 on this page, so some of them date back a while. All of these thumbnails clearly show the girls face and gives you a relatively good idea of what she looks like. Underneath this, you get the same treatment for some bonus movies. You then get the huge listing of bonus sites, and finally some live and store links that are unneccesary. Overall, this is a nice site design. There is nothing too complicated about it, and it is easy to navigate. While the front page previews aren't too complicated, I think that they suffice.

When you jump into a girls page, you get the same setup as I described for the latest update above, they just transfer it onto a sets own page. However, you also get the first page of thumbnails for the set on here. There are usually two to three pages of thumbnails, all streaming WMVs available in high, medium, or low. So does fifty plus segments seem kind of extensive to you? Well if it does, you will also be glad to find out that you can stream the entire movie in one file. That saves us a lot of headache, but the segmentation alternative is just ridiculous anyway. This is a streaming-only website. Unfortunately there is no way to easily download the videos. However, we have several tutorials on how to do this on the Pornliving forum and you can always ask us as well. I still dock these guys points for the streaming though, because it does take extra, unneccesary steps and we are midway through the 00's and we should have the advanced downloading option.

The quality of these videos is okay. Numbers wise, you won't be impressed, as most of these videos don't even hit 500k at high quality. However, they still look decent. The biggest problem is pixelation, and that is ever present in the videos here. The videos look good all things considered, but these are not super high quality videos here. That needs to be understood by everyone before jumping into this site. What should also be understood is the idea that these videos are meant to be streamed, so the downloaded versions might skip a bit. I didn't have too much of a problem with that, but they are catered more towards the streaming crowd.

The pictures here are twofold: there are some digital stills, and some vidcaps. Not every girl has the digital stills, but they all have the vidcaps. With that said, the stills are some awesome shots. Excellent photography all around. The vidcaps are, well, vidcaps. Nothing too horrible about them, but still vidcaps through and through and that in itself is horrible to me. But for picture fans, you do have the digital stills to look for in many cases!

I think the girls here are awesome. This network always has a knack for getting some girls that really delight me, in more ways than one. I think these guys might have some of the best girl selection in the business. Here, the girls fit the young mode quite well. A lot of the girls here also are small titted, which I think works well with the big dick pummelling them. The same couple of guys are used for the most part here. I would say that their dicks are huge, and both the guys and the girls fit into the theme perfectly here.

At the time of review, there were a total of 43 sets of content. This is a huge amount, but lets not forget the network here. Backing up, the site is still updated; they seem to be coming about three times a month now. Not a bad update schedule at all!

The network here includes Teeny Bopper Club, Casting Couch Teens, Nasty Movie Madness, Pimp My Black Teen, Horny Spanish Flies, Giants Black Meat White Treat, Barefoot Maniacs, XXX Proposal, Big Cock Teen Addiction, Filthy Franks Amateurs,Mr Chews Asian Beaver, I Spy Cameltoe, The Big Swallow, Lesbian Teen Hunter, Big League Facials, Tiny's Black Adventures, Bus Stop Whores, Please Bang My Wife, See Her Squirt, Big Tit Patrol, XXX Adultstars, Pump That Ass, Tongues and Toys, Blind Date Bangers, and Bikini Contest Porn.


Another great site on a nice network. Unfortunately, the quality is a bit lacking. There is also the issue of segments and streaming. But sheer content and good, solid work on the videos make this one a winner anyway!


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