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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Altered Assholes:

To alter something is to make a drastic, irreversable change to something. Well, that might not be the exact definition, but for our purposes lets make it that. A lot of people with get their clothing altered to fit better. I wish I could get some of my clothes altered to make me look skinnier, but thats a different introduction. Lots of things can be altered, from clothes to porn reviews and everything in between. Today we are going to look at the altering of a body part. Yes, let's stretch some assholes as far as they can go today with Altered Assholes! They will never be the same!

Altered Assholes is the brainstorm of the great minds who thought of the Meatholes network. For those of you familiar with this network, you might not need to read further on to immediately go join up. But basically, you have an anal sex theme here. This is what it is to the core. However, they take anal to an even more hardcore level. This is some severe stretching and double penetration stuff here. And with that, I will say that this is a pretty original theme. They take the anal stuff, combine it with stretching, combine it with threesomes, and combine it with DPs. Mix it all together and you have this sites content. Great theme here, with all the combinations you get a fairly unique, well thought out site which stays true to its theme.

When you first sign into Altered Assholes, you are given the three most recent updates, each with three regular size thumbnails. These thumbs show various parts of the action. They are pretty good, but can be classified as just thumbnails pretty much. Underneath the three most recent, you get the rest of the sets, this time with each girl getting one thumbnail. Here, the thumbnail does a good job of showing off the girls face. Throughout these previews, you have the option to go to videos or the two kinds of pictures. The bottom of the site features a simply dropdown menu to go to a different Meat site if you prefer. I like this setup a lot. First of all, they save all the clutter for the main member network site instead of having it on every single site. The dropdown is a simple, effective way to move through the site. The thumbnails are great and give a good preview, and the way those are setup are good regardless. Overall, a nice setup and the meats are starting to come into their own as far as this is concerned.

The videos are the bigger focus here on Altered Assholes. When you get into the videos page, you get a tinier thumbnail for each segment. Underneath this, you can download in WMV high or low, or MPG high or low. Four nice options. The small thumbnails help provide a further preview, while the downloading is simple and easy from the text links. Overall, I liked the way the video page was set up. Very simple and easy. One of the biggest, if not the biggest downfall of the videos page and the entire site was the segments. There were over five segments of each video, and no full video option. This is kind of a shame, but it is also bearable.

The quality of the movies here on Altered Assholes is also pretty good. This has always been a bigger weakness for this network, but it seems like they have cleaned up their videos quite a bit. Here on Altered Assholes you get a pretty good quality downloading the high WMVs. They are 1500k and they look pretty good with very little flaws both at small and full screen. All I have to say is huge kudos for correcting one of the bigger issues with the network; now can we get full videos?

With this site, you get two picture options as well. One is for high quality, high resolution shots independently taken of the videos. The other is for vidcaps. Can you guess which one I liked? Seriously, the high res, when available, were some nice pictures. You also got to see the girl with the stretched asshole pose a bit more, which is also a refreshing change from the movies. Overall, this pictures section is pretty darned good when you look at it.

The girls on Altered Assholes were of course, very attractive and nice. If you have been a member of this network before, you will notice some repetition in girls. They definately have their favorites, and that might be good for you or bad for you depending on if you like them or not. The action here really focuses on anal, with a lot of these girls taking two guys at once and doing DP and even some anal DP here and there. Pretty cool, hot stuff for fans of hardcore anal fucking!

At the time of review there were a total of 15 sets of content here on Altered Assholes. Not a huge number, but with this being a newer site, it is respectible. Now, we have a lot of network sites here, and the updates on the network roll in very often but nowhere is it split up by actual sit anymore. With all this said, let's get into the network.

The Meatholes network has just added a ton of new sites, enough to make a whole new network really. So hold your breath and listen to the new site listing. POV Casting Couch, Black Addiction, Double Diper, Cream Filled Babes, Chix In The Mix, Tease It oUt, Top Notch Bitches, Facial Cum Targets, Cum Filled Mouths, Altered Assholes, Anal Lick Fest, Ass To Mouth Sluts, Drool My Load, Banzai Sluts, Pervert Paradise, Hell Fire Sex, My Wives Friends, Nut In Her Mouth, Oral Cum Queens, Anal Cum Junkies, Anarcy Archives, Gagging Whores, Black Attack Gangbang, No Cum Dodging Allowed, Creamed Cornholes, Whorgies, Cum Farters, POV Pervert, Young Ripe and Ready, Blowjob Quickies, Cock Brutality, Frank Wank, Midnight Prowl, Meatholes, Pimp Juice XXX, Nuts on Sluts, Porn Jackass, MILF Gangbang, Teen Slam, and finally White Meat on Black Street. Words can't describe how big of a value and deal this network is.


With the inclusion of a ton of new sites, and a focus on this site on a better quality of video, you really need to join this network whether a fan of anal or not. This is for the hardcore lovers, but it is a hardcore good deal. The site rules and the network is near the top!


Reader comments:

Comment by: Hewie Rating: 09-09-24

Very good

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