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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

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Review of Feet Stroke:

There are fetishes for almost every part of the body. Some guys like asses. Yes, I respect the ass. Some guys like tits. I respect the tits as well. But sometimes you have to give the feet a little attention as well. Foot fetishists actually have it the best. You can go out just about anywhere in the summertime and get a look at a nice pair of feet. It's almost not fair to someone who will only see a couple of sets of tits in their life. Most guys will go out and see that many bare feet in one day! Well, you lucky foot fetishists, you also get a site all about footsex here, Feet Stroke.

Feet Stroke is a foot fetish site with a specific focus on footjobs. For those of you without an imagination, a footjob is when a girl strokes off a guy with her feet as opposed to her mouth or her hand. This might seem like something silly to those of you not into feet, but for foot fetishists it is the ultimate fantasy. And I think it is an important theme here. There are some foot sites out there, but this one is specifically focused on the footjob and I think that makes for a pretty good theme here. If you are into feet, I have a feeling you will have a hard time helping yourself here!

When you first sign into Feet Stroke, you first get a big banner for the site. It tells you a little about the site. Underneath this, you get thumbnails of the six highest rated girls on the site. Then we get right into the content, with each set getting four thumbnails. The thumbnails show various areas of the action. The first one is a portrait and the rest focus on the action of the set. You have links to go into the area you wish, be it videos or pictures. There are five sets per page, spread among two pages. Underneath the content you get the bonus network sites, and then some leased bonus sites. Thats it for the site, but I must say that I did like the way they had the site set up. Just the right amount of previews, a nice layout, and overall just a good job by the webmasters here to get a nice solid site design with very few flaws.

The videos page is pretty much a mimic of the main page. You get the same four thumbnails for each set. You get options to download either the full set, or segments in either WMV or MPG format. Either way, you don't get any further thumbnails here. The downloads come simply as a text link. You don't get any quality options here, which might be one of the sites biggest setbacks. Otherwise, you get a very simple, easy to use videos page.

The quality here is ok. The biggest problem is, when you watch the video, there is a lot of pixelation. This is more of a transfer issue than a bad video issue, but either way it makes it hard to watch a video. Another issue I had with the videos was that it seemed to take forever to fast forward them. There was a lag time of a minute or two in some cases. Otherwise the videos looked really good, they just had that pixel issue throughout. The full screen videos were respectable, and the small screen looked pretty good too. Overall a good video quality held slightly back by the pixelation that seems to be more a transfer issue than anything else.

The pictures here on Feet Stroke are also pretty good. The quality you get is 864 x 576 pixels and these are originally taken pictures, no vidcaps or any of those games here. The pictures look really good, nice and clean and clear. I think with the theme being offered here, this is very important, and Feet Stroke does a good job of following it through and having a nice, acceptable pictures section.

The girls on Feet Stroke are pretty hot girls, I'd give them a range of 6-8 on a scale of ten. But what is most important are their feet and legs, and here they are perfect 10's! Just some ultra sexy girls with awesome feet. The action here is basically the girls undressing, then stroking their man off with their feet. This is a heavy focus, and if you are not a fan of this I think you will have trouble with the action. The foot theme really is prevalent here, and I personally think that is great for the site but it will also knock down some mainstream appeal.

At the time of review, there were a total of 8 video sets here on Feet Stroke. There was no update schedule or any kind of timestamping to tell us how often the site was actually updated. Unfortunately I cannot help with any of that information. However, this is on a nice network with a good amount of sites, so that softens the blow a little.

Feet Stroke is also a part of a network that is sometimes really good, and sometimes a little off. The sites included are BJ POV, Tonys Casting Couch, Nikky Blonde, Stroke Jobs, Bangin Blacks, Butt Bangin, Skin Vids, Angels of Porn, Red Asses, Shemale Pickup, and Feet Stroke. Again, a varied network where sites can be great and some not so perfect.


A site with a great theme, but inconclusive updates and a slight quality problem. I think it is a decent site, but the update question and the pixelation of videos really hold it back quite a bit!


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