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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
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Review of Baby Got Boobs:

Baby Got Back was a song in the 1990's that really showed the man's affection for big round asses. Now, there are lots of ass men out there. But there are also a lot of leg men, including myself. And then you have your boob men as well. Guys who can't get enough of boobs. That is where Baby Got Boobs comes in. If you are one of those guys, your anaconda might not want none unless shes got boobs, hun! And your anaconda will be very pleased with the site we are looking at today, Baby Got Boobs.

While the site might be an offshoot of the song, you will notice that this is not just a big boob site. It focuses on younger girls with big boobs. Kind of a compliment to the recently reviewed Mommy Got Boobs site on this network. Anyways, big boob sites are nice and the theme here is great. I liked how they integrated the big boobs thing with the younger thing. In fact, this entire network is excellent at integrating big boobs with other fetishes as well. Strong theme, and a very nice one for fans of big knockers.

When you first sign into Baby Got Boobs, you get a front page which is kind of debatable in my opinion. Reason being there are three update thumbnails, but for upcoming updates and not past updates. And then the rest of the page is highlighting the bonus sites on this network. There is absolutely no current site content highlighted on this page. It is basically an index page, but on a site where no index page is neccesary. Now, I might not have liked the front page, but the rest of the site continues with the simple tradition.

When you get to the videos page, you only get one big thumbnail per girl. It is a portrait type picture, so you do at least have a good idea of what the girl looks like. But there are still no other previews. This is a big shortcoming for this site. First of all, it makes it hard to pick and choose what to download. And secondly, the site just doesn't look as good. And as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes that does have a lot to do with your enjoyment of a site. On this site, you can download segments in either high or low quality MPG or WMV. There are some sets with a full video option, but I would say the majority of the sets do not have a full video option. This just makes downloading a lot harder to do, which also hurts the site.

Onto quality, the videos here are fair. I went with the MPGs and they looked pretty good. There are small amounts of pixelation but nothing that was too serious or bad. Basically, you won't go crazy over the videos, but if you liked the subject matter involved, you shouldn't have a problem with the videos either. There is definately room for a little bit of improvement, however, and I considered the quality along with the basic setup the two weakest elements of this site.

The pictures here are a tossup. There are some that are really good, well taken pictures and then there are some vidcaps. I guess it just really depends on what set you are looking at what you will be getting. They can be good and they can be bad, and I would have just rather had a consistent so I could report that to you.

The girls on Baby Got Boobs were very attractive younger girls. They stayed very true to the theme of having big knockers. Anyone who likes big boobs will appreciate the boobies here. I am not a big boob fan, but I did like the way a lot of the women looked. Now, it seems that girls with big boobs sometimes look a little skankier in porn. I felt that was also the case here, not to a huge extent but maybe more than normal. The action here is your typical porn action, nothing too different from the norm sans the big tits and the occasional tit fucking that comes with it.

At the time of review, Baby Got Boobs had a huge 111 sets of content. There were a few problems here, however. First of all, the content was not sorted by date. This made it harder to figure everything out. Some of the older content looked to be unoriginal as well. However, this is still the spot if you like big boobs, just another odd design oddity with this site.

There is also a nice network attached here. This is one of the best niche-specific networks, as it definately focuses on big boobies. The sites include: Jug Fuckers, Mommy Got Boobs, Butts and Blacks, Busty and Real, Racks and Blacks, DD Starlets, Doctor Adventures, Hardcore Petites, Big Wet Butts, Jizz on my Juggs, and Teens and Blacks. Nice network with a nice focus, any big tit fan should join up here for sure.


This is a nice site, this and the network is a must for any big boob fan! The site design and the quality are lacking, but the overall aura of the site kind of overshadows that and makes this a decent site!


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