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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/1 day, rebills at $24.95
$24.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$98.00/180 days

Review of Shane:

Shanes World... party time... excellent! You probably know all about Shane and his world. This is one of the more popular porn series out there. And now, as its webified, I ask the question, did they do the name as a takeoff of the famous SNL skit? I've always wondered that, personally. It doesn't really even matter a whole lot, just something I was curious about. No way! Way! They are classics that live on, even though their actors have moved on to (ahem) bigger and better things. Sometimes the grass isn't always greener!

Shanes World is based on the porn series by the same name. This is more like the official website of Shanes World more than anything. Sites like this can be hit or miss. Sometimes they just try too little to sell a site off of a video fame, and fall short because of lack of effort. And sometimes they are awesome supersites full of porno fun. Which one is Shanes World? I'd say pretty close to the latter but it does have a few pieces of the former. Let's take a look at the site.

When you first sign into Shanes World, you get a well organized front page that is more like an index than showing any kind of actual content. That works good for this type of site, since there is a lot of stuff to index. The side bar features pretty much everything on the site, and goes down pretty far. This is a pretty intricate bar, showing a lot more than a normal toolbar would. No problem with that here, really, just keep that in mind. The actual front page has a more generalized set of links, as well as some bonuses and also the latest few updates. Basically, they hit all the cylinders here and they all fire up! They do a good job indexing this pretty vast site, and I think the site design here works for what it is. Now you will notice a lower design score, but that is due to some issues with continuity which I will get into later.

The videos here are definately the bigger focus on Shanes World. There are several video sections. First of all, you have access to all of the hot porn from Shanes World studios. This includes the Shanes World series, College Invasion series, Slumber Party series, Search & Destroy series, College Guide, Nerdz, Girls Night Out, Surfer Girls, Asian Vacation, Pornological series, and Sky's day Off. There is also a bunch of mini reality sites on site here, including Pillow Biters, Pornstars at Home, Diary of a Slut, Midlife Crisis, Soccer Moms, and Road Head. These don't have a ton of episodes but they are cool, exclusive to Shanes World content. Now with content like this there has to be a catch, right? Well, yes and no. Some of these videos come in WMV format, and some come in QT. When you select a video, it opens a stream in a popup window. There is then an option to download the video. There are segments here, and the segments are done in a weird manner. It seems you never really get to flesh out a movie until the end. The names of the files are simple 1.wmv, etc as well so it is really hard to organize them. The biggest issue here I had is just with solidity on the site. With some videos having WMV, some having QT, varying qualities, and even a couple with no download link, it just seems disjointed. And that would be one of my bigger issues with the site design and the video page in general.

The quality is something that has somehow been saved from actual doom here. What do I mean? Well, the quality numbers here are not very good. A majority of the videos are done in 330k. Again, some of the later ones have bigger numbers, but nothing much over the 700k mark. So how is it saved from doom? Well, considering the numbers, the videos aren't half bad! I mean, they are definately watchable and even full screenable at times. You're not getting perfect quality, but they definately look better than they have any business looking. So in the end, you get some lightning quick downloads from some pretty decent clips. And the files here really aren't that big. 22 and 12 mbs per segment. The segmentation is again odd, and hard to follow. I'm not sure if every video has a logical end, and that will effect the score as well. But let me just say, that the videos here are not bad for the file sizes and the numbers they give. I'm sure their reasoning is to not give DVD quality, as that would affect their in-store sales, but still have everything available here. It won't win any awards, but couple it with the awesome extra features, and it might lead you to a membership.

The features here are pretty awesome. First of all, there are model profiles for some models. This includes a nicely written bio, and I'm not talking about "Sandi likes hot sex and dick," this is a nice extrapolation of their life and their porn career. It has some pic sets and shows which Shanes World productions the model has been in. There is also a section for amateurs, and that can include pictures and video. Some of these girls have been seen before, some I haven't. This is mostly pictures. There is one on one, an interview section with a lot of the girls. Hey, they included one of my favorite porn stars here too! There is a sexual advice area, which is also quite intelligent and well done. There is dirty talk, which is audio sex files. There are some sex stories, and also a section just for women. So your girlfriend or wife can also enjoy some advice and some nudie guys! Shit there is also a scrapbook, some behind the scenes stuff, a section of girls before they were famous, all kinds of stuff! There is a phone booth, where a porn star can call you directly on the phone if you are lucky enough to be chosen. It happens weekly so you never know! Honey, who's that on the phone? Oh... nobody... just a girl I've seen fucked in the ass ten times!

Shane and his world always pick out some hot women. These women are a nice attraction, because they are porn stars, but they don't always look the role. They have a nice amateur look to them, but not too much either. I think the biggest attraction to some of these videos would be the action. I mean, you can go from the straight sex of Shanes World to the lesbian stuff in Slumber Party to the fun stuff in Pornological to instructional stuff! A nice variety and very fun to watch here!

The content levels are really hard to talk about, other than to say they are really good. There are over 30 Shanes World proper movies alone, and several scenes within them! With all the bonuses, you can spend a lot of time here. On top of that, they also have the best selection of the leased sites (the Teens for Cash network) available on here as well. You also get access to one of those mini-reality sites that has just become a reality site on its own! Just a great amount of content, and it looks to be updated every couple of days with more than one update every time! Very nice!


While the quality is a little lacking, I still think this is a very fun website with a lot of variety and lots of awesome bonuses. If you take it as a total package it is a very nice site. It is not without its problems, and if those were ever fixed, this would be an absolute monster. As it is, its not a bad place to plop down a few dollars and have a good time! I did!


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