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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: wt

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Nasty Lidya:

I like nasty girls. You know the type, you see them and you just know that they are an absolute trip in bed. There are some shy, quieter girls that will surprise you. The only thing that surprises you about these nasty girls is that the sex is even better than you could ever imagine. Nasty, nasty girls! And one of those nasty girls is Nasty Lidya. Hey, just look at her- this girl will do some crazy shit to you. And luckily, you can see all of this stuff captured on her website.

Nasty Lidya is a website focus on the model Lidya. As the name suggests, Lidya can be quite the nasty one. She is into stuff like fetish, anal fisting, peeing, all the good stuff that a lot of people would scorn away at. With that said, as far as a single model site, I think Lidya is the perfect girl. She fits the role very well, she can change with her settings, and gives off a ton of different looks. She is cute and dirty all at once. And boy what I would spend to stay a night with her. But let's take a look at the site, and see if it can further the strength of the woman that is Lidya.

When you first sign into Nasty Lidya, you get a pretty cool front page. Basically this front page serves as an update page, showing us the latest from Lidya. She shows not just content updates, but also little updates to the page as well as blog updates and whatnot. When there is a set shown, it is pretty much a tossup on what you get for previews. Some sets have a couple of small thumbnails, some have one bigger one, and some have one smaller one. Doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the way they did this. Since it is a single model site, there tends to be a little more flexibility with the way it is done here. Overall, we have a nice little site design, which could be a bit better, but it captures the spirit of the site and the spirit of Lidya, so it's not all that bad.

The videos seem to have a bigger focus on here. The videos here on Nasty Lidya are done in the MOV format, Quicktime. You don't have many options here, but the videos are done in segments but also available in full length format if that is what you prefer. Now I have some issues with this format, but more on that later. I liked having a full movie feature, but it also would have been nice to see some more quality/video type options. Especially considering that most sites are done in WMV or MPG, and while Quicktime isn't terrible, it just seems kind of blind to not include one of the other formats as well. The video page itself is done well, though. Each segment gets a pretty big thumbnails, and you can get a decent idea of the action from the videos page.

The quality here is a pretty big issue. While its not bad, the quicktime files just don't look great. I mean, they obviously are a little different from norm. For some reason I can't get my QT at full size. But even what I saw, some videos were granulated and just not too good looking. I think part of this had to do with the camerawork, and part with the encoding. Either way, for such big files, I would expect a better quality. And you can actually see the quality get better as you download the more current movies. It never becomes great, however, and you get the awkwardness of Quicktime. As I said, most of the movie files here are pretty big (200-300mb each) for around 30 minutes. I just think this could have worked out better.

The pictures section is also a place where I think Lidya could have used a little improvement. The majority of the pictures here are vidcaps, taken from the videos we were just talking about. Now, as vidcaps, these are actually pretty impressive. Some of them look pretty good! However, they still have all of the unavoidable downsides of vidcaps. There were a few sets with a high resolution picture option. The only problem with these is that there were just a handful of images, not nearly enough for someone to really enjoy. Overall, I would expect a strong picture section from a site like this- and here it just didn't happen.

So what about Lidya? She is a dark haired girl, very cute, pretty natural. The description we got of the site labeled it somewhat gothic, but I wouldn't even say that. However, if you are a fan of that look, you will probably enjoy Lidya more. Now, Lidya is a pretty girl, but she does some crazy things. She is into bondage, peeing, and even anal fisting. It seems to be anything goes on this site, and it does! The action is a nice variety of stuff, and very original at times. That is one of the sites strengths and something that can be built on.

At the time of review, there were a total of about 14 sets of content here on Nasty Lidya. Not a huge number, and I can't really justify it further either. That is because the updates here on Lidya are few and far between according to the time stamps. Looks like you are getting about a set a month, which is pretty weak by todays video standards. There are also no real bonus sites to compliment this, just some ad and leased sites around.


Lidya is a great girl, perfectly suited for this kind of site. The site has a nice variety of action, but its lackluster videos and update schedule really kill any chance of it being a good site. Overall, unless you really have the hots for this girl, I'd take a pass on it, even though it oozes potential.


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