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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: Yes Formats: MOV, MPEG

Prices: $15.00/30 days
$30.00/90 days
$60.00/180 days

Review of Nerd porn:

Not every girl in the world is a dumb, bubbly blonde. In fact, there are several intelligent, down to earth girls out there. There are also some that are just plain nerdy. You know, the girls you meet at comic book conventions and that can actually design their own webpages. The ones who stay up late to play Magic: The Gathering all night long at the local gaming store. Ahh yes, the world is full of nerd girls, and we finally get to see one in porno.

Nerd Pr0n (note that pr0n is a "nerdy" word for porn on the internet) is a site with a focus on Anna, a nerdy girl who likes to show off herself to other nerds. Now, when I say nerd, I'm not saying revenge of the nerds type nerd. Just a cute girl with glasses, who you can probably find watching Star Trek or something if you looked for her right now. I like this concept, even though I personally am not a nerd. I think it is cool to have a place for guys who might not always look for the traditional porn role models. Anna does a good job forwarding the nerd theme, and that is always a plus. I think there is a lot to be gained from the idea, so lets see how the site looks in actual execution.

I will not refer to the site by name, because I really don't like using that expression for porno. I think it is juvenile and just not cool. But anyways, Anna's site begins with updates on the left hand side with normal thumbnails. In the main page, there are huge pictures representing each set for the latest updates, as well as some comments thrown in there. It almost reads like a blog, but it is a little more advanced and well laid out than that. The main thing you will be using is the topbar to go to the galleries page. There is also an erotica page for some fiction she has written. Not a whole lot of options to choose from, but I think the site does a good job as passing this is a super amateur, yet passable site.

The focus here is mainly on pictures. When you click on the galleries page, you get a thumbnail for each set Anna has available. From there, you click on the thumbnail and get the set page. Here you get one bigger picture from the set, and you can read some of the user comments posted. Pretty cool. You can comment yourself too. Then you clicky the picture to get to the actual set. Not really a whole lot to this, its pretty much a typical photo setup. Unfortunately, they are missing the elements of having a zip download of everything and a slideshow. Another issue I had was that the site was just simply prompting for a password way too much. I think maybe these pictures are on a couple of different servers, but no difference, it was an annoyance.

The quality of the photos here are really good. They are 564 x 850 pixels and they look pretty good. Now this is nowhere near professional porn type stuff, but for being an amateur site they do a good job. I really think it's a nice, down-home sort of setup. It looks like a blog, and has nice pictures. If you are a nerd or if you like nerdy girls this one could be great for you.

There are only a couple of videos on here right now, and I don't see much of an intention to add more. I will say that these videos are pretty good and exceeded my expectations. However, they are just short clips and really won't do a whole lot for you if you are only into videos. Again, I will mention that these videos really aren't that bad and if Anna wants to go more into videos, I would say that the tools are already present.

Anna herself is what really sells this site. She is a cute girl, but you can tell just from the way she holds herself that she is a true nerd. I mean, other sites can put glasses on porn stars to satisfy your fetishes, but Anna here is the real deal. And that is what makes this a good site. Anna just shines in this role and is perfect for it. The action here is primarily solo stuff, with a little hardcore but I'd say it leans a little more softcore. There are a couple of lesbian sets, and a couple of sets with a guy as well. But that is just extra and its not really what Anna is going for here.

At the time of review, there were a total of 58 photo galleries of Anna. There are also the two videos I talked about. Additionally, there are captures from her webcam and the ability to view the webcam as well. With all that said, I wouldn't say that the site is content-heavy. But I will also counter that and say that this is not really what a membership here is for, its for uniqueness and something that really fits your personal tastes. Now, Anna doesn't give any idea of how often the site is updated, or when. The entries are timestamped but only with a time, like 10:19 pm, and no date. There are no bonus sites either, however you can check out Anna on webcam apparently. I couldn't really find the link for that, so I can't confirm that and I wouldn't join based on that fact alone.


This site offers a nice change of pace, and while it is not perfect by any stretch, it could be a nice diversion for someone who is a nerd, or likes nerd girls. Anna really sells this site, and makes a rather bland site something of a sparkle. Anna gets an A+!


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