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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $30.00
$24.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Slut Seeker:

Yeah alright so might be a bit weak, I mean if you wanted to you could define men in general as being slut seekers until your brain decides to relieve your dick and for some that never happens. Actually this is the first site from the network that I will be going into details with. You can get most of the information about this site from that network review but I'm still gonna be taking a closer look at each site to see how each of them is maintained and how the reality theme is kept on each of them.

The plot

The plot of slutseeker has nothing to do with any particular type of women really. There is no focus on big tits, blonde hair or round asses so we will define them as the site itself has chosen to, sluts. The idea is to get these sluts to drop by the producer's house to audition for a secretary job. Then the goal is to slowly talk the girl into taking her clothes off, then suck a dick, get fucked and finally take some come in her mouth. All this she will do because they guarantee her the job if she does it. And yes this is old school reality porn just the way we like it and to turn things up a notch and make the scenes a bit more funny the guys choose to speak in different accents for each girls (though they always sound Italian). Out of all this you get great moments like "you sure I'll get the job if I suck your cock?" and "What the fuck, I just came here for an interview then I blow you guys and now you wanna fuck me?!" classic comments that are sure to thrill.

The media

Ok stay with me now because this can get a bit confusing. First of all let me mention that for each episode, high quality pictures are available, they are not screen captures from the video but actual still shots. However the resolution for all of them is 800 x 600, decent but not really HIGH quality.

The videos get a bit more messy.
Basically to watch the episodes you have 3 choices:

1. Download an episode as 1 minute mpeg segments (an episode is usually around 40 minutes so for this option you will have to download 40+ segments) these mpegs have no DRM protection what so ever.

2. Download the episode in high quality wmv segment files, these are 5-6 minute segments but are also DRM protected, meaning you cannot see the files you have downloaded to your computer once your membership to the site expires.

3. Download the episode in low (56k) quality wmv segment files, these are 5-6 minute segments but are also DRM protected.


The content here is 100% exclusive and there is no doubt about that, however there isn't a whole lot of it so far. 12 episodes is all we get and as opposed to a lot of the other sites in this network the webmasters have opted not to date stamp the updates. This means we really have no way of knowing what the update schedule is like for this site and if it's even updated at all. For now I'm assuming the site has a low update frequency but I can't guarantee it has any at all and with the content here I really think it's a shame as the idea is good and well executed. I hope they will put more focus on producing more content for this site soon.

Now besides the content you get access to 12 other reality sites that all use the same media formats but to find out more about those go read the network review it is also a good idea to sign up through that one, go here for review of all the sites in this network.

Bottom line

Despite the fact that I actually had a very nice time with the site it's not going to get a glowing recommendation from me because of the DRM protected wmv files and the fact that can't even make an episode available for download as one big file. They could at least have done that and then drm protected that as well. The vague update schedule also makes me have second thoughts about how much work is put into this site now and in the future. To sum up I will just say that overall it's a good thing to join this network because of the many reality sites that together gives you an absolute shitload of content but if this is the only site in the list you are interested in then it's not worth the monthly fee.


3 day trial: $2.95 (very limited access to a few trailers and pictures)

Monthly membership: $38.00

3 month membership: $58.00

Annual billing: $7.98 a month (if you choose to stay for a year you are charged $7.98 per month, billed annually).

Billing by: WTS, Paycom and CCBill

* please note that the link will take you to the network gateway to make sure that if you do sign up you have access to all their sites*

How to make ONE unprotected file on this site

The 1 minute segments are unprotected .mpg files this is just what we need, except we don't really want to keep downloading each one individually and we certainly don't want to have to skip to a new file constantly.

So what I did was:

- I downloaded Internet Download Manager here (it's not free but there's a 30 day trial period).

- Then I loaded up my Internet Explorer (only browser it works with is IE) and entered the members area.

- Then I went to an episode page, right clicked on an empty part of the page and chose "download all links with IDM".

This gives me an overview of all the files to download, now I only wanted the high quality 1 min. segments so I sorted them by name and marked all the ones with no name (all the other links are named).

- Then I start running the queue in Internet Download Manager and I had all the segments in one directory after a very short time, great programme.

After this you can of course make Windows Media playlists out of the files an d save yourself some trouble however you cannot skip freely in one file.

! If you want to join the mpegs into one file. Here's a 7 day trial joiner that's extremely easy to use download it here. Simply load the files in here and then choose join and then where to place your new big file. Once you have done this twice you realize it's almost no extra work and the result is perfect. Use this on all the sites here and you will get some great unprotected porn.


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