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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$38.80/30 days
$58.80/90 days
$95.76/365 days

Review of Adult Reality Pass:

It's been well over a year since I last visited this network and at that time they didn't have this huge portal site and only offered selected sites as bonus sites when you signed up. It was also done real tricky so that 4 was grouped together always and the other 4 they had at the time were grouped together as well so that you were told the other 4 sites existed if you signed up to one grouping but you would have to also sign up for one of the others to actually access them. Now they have abandoned that train of thought and made this huge network portal site that never goes out of style. Usually this means a lot of content from a lot of different niched sites without a lot to worry about. Well… Although the sites here are all extremely original in both content and ideas there are few hoops we have to jump through for our membership.

The premise is that we get access to 10 exclusive reality sites for the price of one. Fair enough, that's never a bad deal and a quick glance of the sites included in the package makes this offer seem more and more attractive. I only looked at the sites for approx. 2 minutes before deciding to spend my money on this and then write a review. To keep the costs as low as possible I signed up for the trial membership hoping, really hoping, that I would have complete access for 3 days, but sadly that is not the case. The trial option is nothing more than a waste of money. You can see like 25 pictures all in all and some trailers from some of the movies, nothing more than you would on any free gallery so you get nothing from this trial option at all except suckered.

So to continue this review I had to upgrade to the Full Membership and of course I felt sad as hell to have shelled out $38 bucks more but I now prefer to look at it as if I only lost $3… (give me that much please). All grief aside I now had access to all the sites as promised and I was having a great porn day. I must say I really enjoy going back to some old school reality themed sites once in a while. The bubble kind of went pop a year ago and the productions labeled as reality porn began to resemble straight up gonzo porn way too much. These sites are not afraid of going all the way with wacky set ups, big obvious lies and corny lines to get the girls to suddenly agree to fuck on camera. I for one love it, when reality porn is done like this (properly) it's the most fun porn genre around and it shows just why it became a worldwide phenomenon with bangbus.

All the sites have roughly the same amount of content and the layouts are identical which is nice but of course they do differ in niches. I am just going to do a quick recap of the sites so you get an idea about how they work and what they focus on:

Site list: This is old-school reality porn style where the producers have set up some sham job interview for a girl (usually secretary) and she is slowly talked into taking her clothes off and from there have straight out sex. This is really a gangbang site within the reality genre. Some times the videos here are big ass beach parties or BBQ parties that suddenly turn into gangbangs. Other times its 2 girls and 2 guys in a pool room. Site names is self explanatory really, this is a lesbian reality site, the reality part consists of two girls going on the hunt for a third girl to do some lesbo gang banging. You can't get more classic than this site, some guys drive around in a van to pick up hitchhikers (girls) when they get them on board they slowly talk them into having sex, very similar to bangbus indeed. This site evolves around a beach house with many women residents. These girls have all kinds of fun with each other and other girls on the beach and in the house, a lesbian reality site. This is a rather funny set up, the American guys have auditions for European chicks to marry them and come with them to the US. The girls will do anything to go with them even put on a veil (and some times dress) and then suck and fuck, very run reality site. Mature, reality site, here the guys in the van are out picking up older women to talk into sex, just like teenhitchhikers, only older women. Whoever said the wackiness was going out of porn hasn't seen this site. Basically its about a group of guys who deliver pizzas to women, sometimes they ordered them and sometimes not, but it always ends up with the pizza guy first getting a blowjob through a whole in the pizza and the pizza box and then sex. Silly but quite good. The setup here varies quite a bit, but it's always about 2 girls that know each other that the guys here get talked into having sex on camera. The storylines are a bit weak here and is not the most original reality site. This is a clever way of combining the cheerleader uniform with a reality site. Here the girls show up for an interview in hopes of making a cheerleader squad and of course they end up paying a sexy price to secure a spot. Another one of those driving around picking up chicks site with the twist being that they now pick them up in a limo which would make them seem rich I guess and therefore they find it easier to get girls in the car. This site was the latest addition to this network (it's not advertised either) and only has 10 episodes at the time of review. Not really a reality site, more like a Latina gonzo site. This site is also an unexpected bonus as it's not advertised on the outside as part of this package. An interracial reality site where the set up isn't all that. Basically this black guy with a huge dick picks up girls, a lot of the times in his car and then some times it's girlfriends of his that just come over. Good interracial porn site where the reality part is limping a bit.

The content

The content on all sites consists of 800 x 600 photo sets for each video episode. Each video episode can be downloaded in 1 minute segments as high or low quality or 5 minute segments. With an episode lasting well over 30 minutes in average you can see that no matter how you slice it the least amount of files per episode is 6+ and note that the 5 minute segment files are DRM protected wmv files. For those of you who are not too computer savvy this basically means that though you can download these files to your harddrive you will not be able to view them when your membership to the site expires.

Usually I would be totally bummed out about this but to my delight I actually found a doable solution without too much hassle involved (if you are a little computer savvy read this next paragraph to get unrestricted movies as one big file).

Ok so here's the scoop with these sites. The 1 minute segments are unprotected .mpg files this is just what we need, except we don't really want to keep downloading each one individually and we certainly don't want to have to skip to a new file constantly. So what I did was, I downloaded Internet Download Manager here (it's not free but there's a 30 day trial period). Then I loaded up my Internet Explorer (only browser it works with) and entered the members area. Then I went to an episode page, right clicked and chose "download all links with IDM". This gives me an overview of all the files to download, now I only wanted the high quality 1 min. segments so I sorted them by name and marked all the ones with no name (all the other links are named). Then I start running queue and zip zip zip I had all the segments in a directory (that really is an amazing program). After this you can of course make Windows Media playlists out of the files an d save yourself some trouble however you cannot skip freely in one file. If you want to do that, join the mpegs into one file. Here's a 7 day trial joiner that's extremely easy to use download it here. Simply load the files in here and then choose join and then were to place your new big file. Once you have done this twice you realize it's almost no extra work and the result is perfect.

I actually love this network because of the wacky reality ideas but I must confess that I think the trial option is just a way to lure people in and that the monthly subscription fee is steep. Also the DRM protection of the 5 min. files is annoying but for me using the method I described I really couldn't care less as I have all the videos I want on my computer without restrictions now as one file. The bottom line is that you get hundreds of exclusive reality movies and several new ones on a daily basis spread out on all the sites and the content really is refreshing and the girls are real lookers in general. You get what you pay for and a bit more than that with only the drm being an annoyance for some this network of sites is highly recommended as a monthly subscription.


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