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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Special: $14.88/30 days

Review of Deep in Her:

This site is another addition to the hundies network that include sites like (review),, and Actually pigtailsandroundasses isn't listed at the top of the members area as a site you have access to but I tried my login there too and it works just fine. These other sites will take of any hardcore needs you have, if you have them, but this site is a solo masturbation site as the name MIGHT indicated, maybe would have described it better but still.

This is a pretty straight forward site and therefore a rather easy review to write. In almost all aspects, except the niche, the site is built just like (review) with the same bonus packages, the same way of splitting up the movies, same quality level and high res pictures. The only difference here is that we are dealing solely with masturbating women. It doesn't hit any particular age preference it's a mix of women from 18 – 29 I'd say.

Describing the action is not gonna take me all day either, the girl will sit on a chair or a couch and then start playing with herself. There's no "foreplay" and no real chatter with ladies, they just kind of get started doing their thing. They will play with themselves for a while showing off every inch of their body as they squirm and moan satisfied from their own handy work. Then they will take out their play friend mister Dildo and really go to town to end up with a self-inflicted orgasm, phew.

This action is available to view in High/Low wmv formats as streamed or download. You can choose to cut the movie up to as much as 15 segments or as little as 3 segments so you can't just download the entire movie as one file, always a bummer. The good news however is that the videos are exclusive and there are no restrictions on the files e.g. DRM protection or download ratio. The quality is good without being excellent, it's more like, it is exactly as good as it's supposed to be but certainly not better, The resolution is 400 x 300 which makes it decent to view in full screen but it does get rather grainy when blown up.

To accompany the videos high resolution pictures are included for each set however for this particular site the resolution is a notch lower than it's hardcore sister sites. On the other sites the standard resolution for the images is 1024 x 768 here it's only 768 x 576 which is actually sub par for high res pictures these days, not too impressive and a strange choice considering the resolution chosen for the other sites.

Another strange little diversion is the fact that the sets on this site are not date stamped, meaning we are not able to see when a set was added and therefore it doesn't give us any idea of the updates schedule, that is to say if there is one. It seems a bit fishy that where on the other sites it would say when a video set was added it now just says "100% exclusive" I doubt this site is updated weekly.

On top of the exclusive sites you get when you sign up you also get access to a bunch of downloadable mpegs. It's hard to say exactly how many but it looks like 500+ and these are of course non-exclusive as most of them seem to be dvd-rips but it is nice to have downloadable bonus content instead of just streams. However if you are going for the pigtail look only then you won't find much use for these unless you are simply into hardcore porn as well. It's a shame that these mpegs are cut into 26MB segments only and there is no option to download a full episode.

The site features some nice looking women and they do their very best to steam up the camera. This site, as it's sister sites, had a chance to stand out a bit and make it to 4 stars but the relatively low content (14 exclusive sets at time of review) and no update schedule combined with low resolution pictures and medium video quality will only get this site a 3 star rating. If what you come looking for is to see women alone playing with themselves then this is a nice stop if you got money to burn and like a shitload of bonus content. However if this niche is all you are interested in, the 14 sets don't buy you that much action so I would think twice about this one for this site alone.

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