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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $14.88/30 days

Review of Pigtails and Round Asses:

So how many times have you heard yourself saying these words when asked what you look for in girls: "Pigtails and round asses!"…? OK, I haven't said those words myself but I'm sure there must be an audience out there for this particular combo niche, a narrow audience sure, but nonetheless. Generally I am starting to get the idea that 90% of all newly started websites have to in some way center around big asses and I blame (love) music videos for starting this trend. Yeah alright, ya got me, I love a nice ass, so do you I bet or you would have skipped right past this review so as long as we're all on the same page here, let's see what this particular site has to offer.

Ok we're dealing with "round" asses which is meant to make us thing of nice apple round rock hard back parts. The pigtail part in the name is meant to ooze "teen girls" can you feel it? While the pigtails really does knock off a couple of years off it's probably also a good idea to not actually write the word teen anywhere on this page as half of the girls can surely not fit into that niche. Sure the pigtails do their part, but the stretch marks on the ass and thighs of at least one particular model, (otherwise best looking one) do their part as well to pull the age in another direction. So instead of me slapping a teen label on this site, I'll just say this is a hardcore video site that focuses on girls with big round asses and have pigtails during shooting.

Just like one of it's sister sites (which you get access to when joining) this site's opening line when you log in is:
Welcome to the members area of PigtailsRoundAsses. We do our best to bring you regular updates with the best looking models.
Now I'm sure they do their very best on all their sites I just think that they also succeed at this better on where as here, they swing and miss a couple of times (highly subjective comments here) both in the "looks" department but also when it comes to picking out some fine asses, again I would like to raise my stretch mark complaint as a valid argument here. I might be making a big deal out of that, but when/if you see it, you'll wonder how she passed the requirements of this page as well.

Just like their other sites this site offers both exclusive videos for download in high and low quality and stream options as well for those who prefer. These downloads can be split up in as many as 15 segments per movie or as little as 3, whichever you prefer.
To accompany each video you have high quality pictures about a 100 per movie I'd day but it varies a bit but there's plenty and they really are great quality.

The quality is as it should be, there's nothing spectacular about it as it's pretty standard wmv encoded videos. It is a bit over what would considered medium here but with more and more sites offering High Definition videos the big broadband users would probably appreciate a download option for this but I doubt anyone can complain. With the high quality wmv files you get 400 x 300 resolution at high bit rates and so the picture is fluid and not grainy and works well for streaming purposes.

When it comes to how much value the site offers that part is of course getting better every week. I actually started this review 3 weeks ago and so I'm in a great position to see wether or not the update schedule is kept and it is. A new 100% exclusive movie with high resolution pictures is added every week and at the time this review was completed there was a total of 19 sets online for pigtailsandroundasses. In addition to this site's exclusives you also get access to 4 other exclusive sites:,, and All of these sites offer the same download and viewing options, same quality levels and all have high resolution pictures available for each "episode".

On top of the exclusive sites you get when you sign up you also get access to a bunch of downloadable mpegs. It's hard to say exactly how many but it looks like 500+ and these are of course non-exclusive as most of them seem to be dvd-rips but it is nice to have downloadable bonus content instead of just streams. However if you are going for the pigtail look only then you won't find much use for these unless you are simply into hardcore porn as well. It's a shame that these mpegs are cut into 26MB segments only and there is no option to download a full episode.

The execution of the "pigtails"-theme is done quite well, they manage to find some teen-looking girls and make their hair fit the theme. Overall the girls are cute looking with a few dogs in between but the cute factor is quite high and I guess this is what you go for with a site name like this. The quality can't be challenged and the update schedule of 1 new exclusive episode per week is standard and a good ratio without being extraordinary. This site comes out a winner with great value if you dig porn all together with easy navigation and no bullshit restrictions on the videos. My only real grief is that 3 segments per video is as low as you can go, I would have loved a full-episode download but still I recommend this site to teen lovers, especially those who dig pigtails and I don't know of many alternatives for this niche. Recommended.


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