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Review of Panty Fantasies:

This is a review of, when you buy access to this site you get access to 11 other sites and this review is a general overview of all of them.

This site is trying to fulfill "your fantasies" in one site, and here are the fantasy sites that they offer:

africanfantasies | assfantasies | bigtitfantasies | cumshotfantasies | housewifefantasies | illfantasies | lesbianfantasies | orientalfantasies | pantyfantasies | smutfantasies | teenagefantasies | voyeurfantasies

Panty fantasies stands out as a site where you can girls in pantys solo posing or in lesbian action. Most of this content is also found on the other sites.

These mega sites usually end up crap because they try to give you too much and just run crazy buying or leasing content for it. Well this site does a fair job at giving you a site with lots of choices. Quality has not been comprimised too much, But it does get annoying to meet the same pictures on most of the sites. The video feeds they are leasing are from is a fast and stable place that lease video feeds to xxx sites and they are one of the best in my opion, if not the best, so the video feeds are good here.

The site is devided in to 12 different sites so as not to confuse and it works fine. You hit a drop box and choose like "lesbian" and poof you are at and it's all lesbian from there. To top it off all these sites have their own design so as to tell them apart the content seems almost endless because of thise nice feature. But note that some of the sites are better than others in both design and quality.

1 Week Trial - $1.99
2 Months - $44.99
3 Months - $54.99

I got stuck at bigtitfantasies for quite a while because of the very high quality hardcore and softcore footage, so my experience with all together was rather pleasant. But the prices are just a bit extreme except the 1 week trial. When you go to sign up, just type in a phony e-mail where they ask if you want free pics in your mail, this is gonna haunt you later if not.


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