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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/1 day, rebills at $29.95
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of Girls Got Cream:

The girl's got rhythm! (Girl's got rhythm!) She's got the backseat rhythm! Lyrics from a very popular rock song, from a band I am not the biggest fan of. But they do write some catchy diddies sometimes. Anyway, thats all I can think of when I see the name of this site. Certain things do that to you, they make you think of something completely different and opposite of the meaning. I mean, I'm looking at a porn and I'm thinking of song lyrics. Whats next, looking at porn and pondering my favorite recipe? Maybe I should give up.. nahhh, love it too much! So instead, I will just say.. Girl's Got Cream! She's got the backseat cream! Ok, it doesn't sound as good.. but still, catchy, right?

Girls Got Cream is a website with a focus on younger girls taking creampies. No, I am not thinking about my favorite recipe, if you are not familiar with the term. A creampie is when a guy jizzes inside of a girl in porn, it can be inside the pussy or inside the ass. Either way it is a creampie. The pregnancy shot, if you will. And you will notice that for safety reasons most porns end with a facial cumshot. Well, not here! All of you creampie fanatics will enjoy the inner shots you find here. As a theme, creampies are one of the themes that you see here and there but not as a major theme. Throwing in the younger aspect gives this a little more strength, and I think the theme of creampies is pretty non-threatening to most as well.

When you first sign into Girls Got Cream, you get a member page that starts right out with the content. You get a huge picture of the girl, and then a little description. Her name and age are on the image. This is followed by six excellent thumbnails of the girl. You then have the option to go to a pictures page or a movie page. Then there are previews of four girls that are "coming soon", which I can't wait for. There is not much more to the page than that. I will say that the bigger pictures are kind of weird on a page like this- but at the same time, they look beautiful and lead to an awesome preview of whats to come. I can't really complain too much in that situation. The site just has a clean, easy to use look and feel to it. I think it is just designed really well, and that holds true throughout, not just this front page.

When you move along to the videos page, you get a thumbnail for each segment. These are different thumbs than you got on the front page, so it just adds to the amount of previews that you get. This way you can also see the way a set progresses. Your video options are dialup streaming, 256, 512, and broadband large screen streaming. This is not a forced stream and you can download the segments if you want. There is also an option to download the entire set in one fell swoop as a big file. These are all in WMV format. The full video can be close to 300mb so they are pretty big. They are all the same file name too, it doesn't take much for one webmaster to change file names- but some of them never do. I guess that would be one of my biggest complaints. The other would be that the full video is kind of just a text link, and kind of misplaced at the top of the screen along with some other stuff we normally wouldn't look at like "how to download videos." These are both negatives, but not huge ones that will adversely affect your enjoyment of this awesome site.

The high quality movies here just look awesome at 1205k. I don't see a whole lot of flaws in them at all. They look great and for the size they are, they should. The site does a good job in their camerawork too, but I felt that this was just maybe a notch below what I expected. Still a very good job, but with everything else looking almost perfect, I think they could have done a little better job in this department. The video was still very awesome in my opinion though. I liked the way everything flowed and looked. Overall, I just think they did an awesome job with the videos.

The pictures here are awesome in quality as well. Different sets have different options, but all of the sets have a high quality picture option. These pictures are 853 x 1280 pixels and they look great. They are more posed out than you would expect, but there is also a lot of hardcore action in them. Overall, these serve as a great supplement to the videos. I feel they did a really good job trying to get everything really looking nice. Granted, this is not a pictures site and it never will be- but for a video site, this had excellent pictures.

The girls on GGC were extremely beautiful girls. They were all younger type girls, all sexy as hell and great to watch. I think the girl quality here was high not only for that, but for the variety of girls. I liked how these women were not the regular girls you see on all of the sites. They were all rather fresh. The action here is pretty good, although I will admit that was my biggest turnoff of this site. I mean, they just jump right into the action. It seems a little forced, a little unnatural and leaving some questions. I know, not everyone wants 20 minutes of setup, but I think its a little too staged when it is like this as well.

At the time of review, there were a total of around 25 sets of content. This is a great number, however, the site didn't give us an update schedule or any kind of timestamping. I can't give you any update information because of this. That is unfortunate. There is one bonus site you get with this site, and that is Teens Go Porn.


Overall, a good site for creampie fans. Solid quality leads to a very solid site, and it will lead to many solid members I am sure! You can take that two ways!


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