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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.76/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days, rebills at $24.95
Limited Trial: $4.95/7 days, rebills at $24.95
$71.40/365 days

Review of American Daydreams:

We all have dreams. No, I'm not talking about aspiring to be the next big baseball player, or trying to be rich and live in million dollar houses with huge parties. I am talking about our daydreams. Our sick, twisted minds getting sick and twisted and all perverted on us. Dreams of the neighbor naked, coming over and needing a bag of sugar. Dreams of the dirty teacher, offering you a good grade for some bad sex. Our own personal porn stories. These dreams are often cliched in porn movies. And that is exactly what I give you with American Daydreams.

American Daydreams is a porn video site with a theme of all of the different cheesy themes of older porn type movies. Thats right, a cheesy porn site about cheesy porn movies. But instead of using those tired and stupid cliches, they hide it here. They make them seem like daydreams, and they really are daydreams sometimes. I mean seriously, even though the sexy nurse fantasy is one we all have, especially when we are in the hospital, that is one played out porn theme. But when you view it as a daydream, its the same theme, but different, and it watches completely different. And that makes for a pretty cool theme if you ask me.

When you sign into American Daydreams, you are first greeted with a banner that leads you to the Naughty America bulletin board. This board is actually pretty cool, good interaction with the staff and other members of the site. However, I don't think it should be the first thing you see when you sign into American Daydreams. The next thing is a banner for some other NA sites not included with your membership here. This is an ad, and while it might be acceptable near the bottom, again not too cool on the top. And then a little banner to buy DVDs. Do I need to say it again? Finally we get the sites content. Each set is given a little thumbnail and a name, and that is really it. The thumbnail can be good or bad, it gave me enough information on the set personally. There is the same ad splitting the content and also at the end. Hello, we ge the point, you want us to join all of your sites. You finally get some bonus sites, and then one last ad for a seperate set of sites. I like the site design here, I just think that they might be pushing their own product a bit too much. Sure, the NA sites are awesome, but I don't need ten ad links to the other ones. Not a huge problem here, but its enough to drop the design and ad ratings down.

The videos are a big focus on American Daydreams. When you pick out a set of content, you get one bigger picture of the girl as well as six thumbnails. Underneath this there is a text listing of all of your video options. You can download the movie in segments in both WMV and MPG format. If full movies are more your thing, you can download that in three qualities: 56k, 512k, and MPEG. I think they really touched all the bases here with the video options. There isn't too many options, but there is one for just about every different type of porn browser. That is the perfect way to go in my eyes. Everything also downloads extremely smoothly and just overall well. I think this is pretty much the setup to use, what it lacks in previews it more than makes up for in ease of downloading and compacting the page well.

The quality of these videos is pretty good. I downloaded the MPGs straight through, and I think they are good quality but can be a little pixelated at times. The regular size videos were a little on the smaller size too, so you wanted to full screen more than normal. The videos looked really good, but like I said, not perfect. And that kind of throws you off a bit, because the NA lifestyle is to bring you some quality, pro-looking porn on an amateurish type website. And they do that here with the camerawork, but the actual picture quality kind of kills that feeling and you get more of the feeling that you are actually watching a porn if you compare it side to side with a regular amateurish reality site. I still think this is a great way to present the content though, I do believe there is a little room for improvement.

The pictures section of American Daydreams is almost like an afterthought in some sets. In others, you get a great collection of posed out pictures. I think my biggest issue with this would be the inconsistency. Yes, I want to see hot posed out well thought out pictures in every set, not just some. Otherwise the pictures here are really good. They just need to work out that consistency issue to be great. Not a big focus here, but a very nice added bonus.

The girls on American Daydreams are hot girls, usually more along the big titted pornstar mold than normal on some sites. Seriously, this is a site with videos that could be reasonably be picked up and bought on a porn DVD. There aren't many long drawn intros or intricate threads weaved- its plain cut and dried porn with some seriously slamming girls. The action here depends on theme, it can get as hardcore as anal in some cases. But the whole video revolves around the theme, and just keep that in mind when taking the action into consideration.

At the time of review there were a total of 31 sets of content. Considering the way these look and are set up, that is a considerable amount of content here. There is no timestamping on this site and no real update schedule either. I'm not sure what to think of that, I know Naughty America is good for that but I'm just not sure here.

You might have noticed me throwing around the Naughty America or NA name. This is one of their sites, and if you are a reader of Pornliving you probably know that they are a network of sites that gives us quality, professional porn online and pretty exclusively. Other sites included in this network are; Naughty Bookworms, Fast Times at NAU, Latin Adultery, My Friends Hot Mom, My First Sex Teacher, My Naughty Latin Maid, My Sisters Hot Friend, Naughty Office, and SoCal Co-Eds. As you can see, they enjou the words "My" and "Naughty" and they also enjoy bringing us super great porn sites.


This is a nice entry into an already awesome, beefy network. It needs a little help design-wise. These are simple, easy fixes that could be made. The highest quality could be a little higher as well, but overall it is still great. I recommend it not only on this cool theme but also the cool network, which revolves around a lot of common fantasies but is still awesome because of it.


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