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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Special: $24.31/30 days (Reg. $29.31)
$85.00/120 days
$199.00/365 days

Review of Nubiles:

What the hell is a nubile? I didn't know. So luckily, the website Nubiles begins with a definition. I like catch names of websites that I need to decipher the meaning. Sure, I've heard the term nubile before. But I always thought of an African girl with a headdress when I saw the term. I never thought of what it really is. It is a girl who has sexually blossomed into a woman, or a young woman who is sexually mature and attractive. All I have to say is hell yeah, I am all about Nubiles then.

Nubiles is a site all about younger women. These women are beautiful and just very awesome all around. The sites theme is basically on these women. Instead of taking an action theme, or a theme based around a certain type of woman, this site instead just works on the basic premise of getting the most beautiful girls in the world. The focus here is on younger girls, but the idea is not squarely focused on that. They don't play the age game like other sites do. Overall, this theme might be a little disjointed from some standpoints.. but with a focus on beautiful, beautiful girls, I think we can let it slide!

When you first sign into Nubiles, you are welcomed right with their listing of models. Each girl gets a thumbnail. It's a taller thumbnail, vertically really bigger. These give you an awesome idea of what the girls look like and whether you will want to persue them further. There are a ton of girls. That makes this page pretty huge, but I'm not complaining. Underneath the girl listing is a bunch of other stuff, like a listing of the upcoming updates, a search feature, latest updates, all kinds of stuff we will get into later. But for now, let me just say that I really liked this approach. The focus on this site is on the massive amount of content, so lets show that first and save the extrenous stuff for the bottom. I like the way that worked, and honestly, I didn't even see the stuff on the bottom until I started reviewing the site. That is pretty much because I was so focused on the girls and getting everything I could, I just didn't even scroll down that far. Now I am even more impressed by the site.

The site has a dual focus, so lets look at pictures first. When you select a model, you are given a page that first gives you a huge thumbnail of the girl. You can send her a private message or read her biography. There are some stats like number of photosets, lengths of videos, vote for her, add her to your favorites, and read a short blurb about her. Underneath this there are six very well done thumbnails. Underneath this is a content rater, which is like a thermometer that goes from topless to "sex" with stuff like full nude and plays with toys in the middle. This is a great barometer to show how hardcore each girls gets. Underneath this are just a bunch of text links that makes this look like a front page. Finally, you get pictures on the left hand side with one small thumbnail per set, and videos on the right hand side with the same setup.

Wow, I was going to talk about pictures but I ended up talking more setup. That just shows how in depth and intricate this site is. But the pictures, ahh yes. When you get into each set, you get bigger thumbnails spread across many pages of content. The pictures are 600 x 800 pixels and they look really good. They are very well thought out as far as poses go, and they just look really good in the context of the site. Wow, this is just awesome. Now the pictures aren't 100% perfect, but they are great. In addition to the many sets you get per girl (which is multiple), Nubiles also offers five full size pictures of each of their beautiful women. On top of that, and perhaps my favorite feature, is that they have niche picture galleries, one each for: legs, ass, boobs, and closeups. Absolutely awesome if you ask me.

And probably the coolest thing about all these pictures is that the entire gallery is downloadable as a zip file. That saves a lot of pointing and clicking, and trust me, I know you'd be doing a lot of that if not for this option. Overall, just an absolutely awesome picture section and a real treasure if you ask me.

On top of that, you have an excellent video section to boot. The videos are available right off the same model page we got the pictures from. Each video is split up into segments, and most are also available as a full length movie. These videos are all MPGs and they are easy to download right there from the front page. One thing I didn't like is how the same content would be split into two sets, and two different full lengths. I never like it when sites do that. But at the same time, its not a huge complaint. Let's take a look at video quality now!

The videos are MPGs so I can't really give you a number to work with. However, these videos are pretty good looking. At full screen, you do get a little pixelation. On the other hand, the regular size screen is rather big in the first place. Here, there is a little bit of pixelation but not much. Overall, I'd probably rate these videos as pretty good but there is definately a little room for improvement as well.

The girls on Nubiles are smoking hot, younger women who are just awesome to watch and enjoy. I thought that the girl quality here was super high, and I really didn't come across any girls that I skipped over. That is saying a lot when there is an archive as vast as this one. As I mentioned, there is a barometer for each girl pretty much showing how far she will go in her videos. For each girl it will change, however, the majority of the action here will be female solo. How far she goes will vary, but most of the stuff was female solo.

The quality level is so high I can't even give you a solid number. There are simply tons of girls to choose from, and each girl has tons of sets. It is one of the most impressive sites I've seen, content wise. On top of their homegrown stuff, they also offer some bonus shoots of some equally as young and cute girls. Overall, the bang for your buck factor is extremely, extremely high here at nubiles.


This is simply an awesome, extensive, very well designed site. If you are looking for a gigantic bunch of very sexy, younger women showing themselves off, I cannot think of a better place. Just great!


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