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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $14.88/30 days

Review of Ass Like That:

I'm sorry about the intro but how am I going to get around it?... If you have turned on your radio in the past year or maybe accidentally clicked into MTV or another music video channel you'll probably have heard the song by Eminem – Ass Like That. In case you haven't or even so here's the chorus:

"The way you shake it, I can't believe it

I ain't never seen an ass like that

The way you move it, you make my pee pee go

Doing, doing, doing"

Now this site is started after that song was released quite a while ago so my immediate guess would be that the name is inspired by that song, I could be wrong, but I doubt it ;)

So what's in a name? Well for one I would say it pretty much spells out what we can expect from the content, ass… anal? You bet! It is also subliminally suggested that the girl's asses here would nice, no? Well we probably all have our own definitions of what constitutes a nice ass. Some like them "petite" others want a big load in the back but in general that particular part of their anatomy doesn't "stick out" in any way. I will say this though, by my definition the girl's mainly have very nice rears.

There's no real plot to the site except for the anal concept, other than that you can categorize it as a gonzo site, so no stories. The girls show up, the camera guy ask the girls a few quick questions and then she starts taking her clothes off. A really nice concept that I'm sure most of us would like to see executed in real life.

Before moving on to the more technical stuff I have to comment on the promise they make which goes as follows:
"We do our best to bring you regular updates with the best looking models."
I have to say, they do a pretty good job at this and they get them from all over the place mainly European but they all look tasty and I didn't see any dogs in the current line up on the contrary. Their mission to find good looking models is so far completed very well, check out the samples I picked out and make your own judgment here, if that's not enough the tour gives you a few more examples.

Ok let's move on to the videos, how you download them, the quality and what formats you can get here. Now on the tour you will see them advertise that they offer downloadable mpegs, this is true, but that doesn't include the exclusive videos. When you sign up you will get access to all their other exclusive sites but you also have access to a huge collection of downloadable non-exclusive mpegs that cover just about every niche you can think of also a lot of anal.

The exclusive videos are another matter. These videos can only be streamed or downloaded in WMV format. You have two choices quality wise; High or low quality (shocking I know). The low quality can only be recommended to those of you who are still on 56k dial-up and then they serve their purpose just fine. The high quality videos are not that impressive. I would not call it high quality I would say straight out medium. The sound comes off nicely but full screen viewing gets a big pixilated. I think it's a shame that such nice models and such great shot anal scenes are only served at this quality level, I think they could easily beef it up a bit and give us an extra option say… extra high? Also you can't download a movie as one complete file, the best you can do is 3 segments, that's not too much but you gotta love complete downloads.

The pictures on the other hand are not your average screencaps or even low resolution. They are of a nice 1024 * 768 resolution which is more than adequate for most of us, anything else can easily become overkill. But it's not just the resolution, the pictures are crisp, sharp and delightful to go through definitely a big big plus and there are plenty of them for each movie.

As mentioned before there is a lot of bonus content that comes with your membership here. For one thing you get access to the mpeg collection for download and some of the more standard reality sites that are all nice. But when you sign up, take notice of the sites they promise you access to on the tour, you DO have access to these sites when you sign up, but when you log in to the members area there are no links to these sites any where, you have to go type in the urls yourself and log in there. If you take notice of these and use the top bar in the members area to navigate with I count at least 10 exclusive sites access in this package and from what I can tell they are:,,,,,,,,
A really nice collection and a HUGE amount of porn which makes it a big bang for your buck buy here.

- The site is updated once a week with a new exclusive movie including pictures.

- There are a few ads for other sites listed here and there.

I can easily recommend this site for anal lovers, this site alone has 15 exclusive movies so far with fair/medium quality video (wmv) and great pictures, the kind of pictures that real anal lovers will save and never delete I bet. It's also a pretty good bargain any way you slice it if you want a lot of porn, the only other anal site in the exclusive package I count though was the so if anal is your only goal you pretty much know what you get. Overall it's a good site for anal lovers where the video quality really is the only drawback but can be a deal breaker for many.


Reader comments:

Comment by: el9arwi Rating: 10-05-23

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