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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Girl Girl Bang:

For guys, its hard for us to picture girls being as horny as us. After all, in 90% of our encounters, we are the pursuer. Even when we are not, we feel funny. But when we are going after the girls, we never think that they could be looking for the same thing. We see ourselves as the eternal conquerer. So it is hard for us to fathom a truly horny girl out on the prowl. It does happen, however. And it happens moreso than we would think. And that is why guys are truly stupid!

Girl Girl Bang is a site that shows how girls can be just as horny as guys. There is no dick involved here. Even the host/cameralady is a female. And basically it is a reality site of girls going out and getting girls to bang. Usually one of them is a little more experienced than the other. Either way, this idea has been done in the reality genre before but not enough so to make this unfresh. But lets be honest, this is a reality theme through and through. We will get into that more later, but it is definately the way that things go here. Lets take a look!

When you first sign into Girl Girl Bang, you get a listing of all of the episodes. There are three littler thumbnails for each set. Underneath each one, it says "Girl, Girl, Bang" which is a cool little touch. Your options from here are to either rate or watch each episode. It also gives you a running time and number of pictures. One of the better things about this setup is that it gives you a nice portrait of both girls and then also a little action shot. Sure, it's not the best preview system ever but the elements are there. There is not much else to the front page. It is simple and effective, and it hits all the bases. I would like bigger, better thumbnails, but this works nicely in the context of the entire site.

The videos are definately the bigger focus here on Girl Girl Bang. As I mentioned, this is a video reality site. And they really put a big focus on the reality element and the setup/meeting portion of the videos. Most of these videos are over an hour long and sometimes not even half of that is full action. Normally I would complain, but here it is just done really well. Now, with that said, on the video page you get one really good thumbnail for each segment. There are usually six or so segments in the MPG format. If you prefer, and if you are like me you will, there is also a full length WMV download. This is a pretty well set up video page if you ask me, very effective and working well in context of the site.

The quality here does leave a bit to be desired. Most of the videos here play at 346k, which is just not a great quality. Even at the smaller screen, the videos here are quite pixelated. At full screen it is even more apparent. And it can be really bad if there is a lot of motion going on, like when a girl strikes up a strapon and goes to town. There is not much else to say, the quality simply is not very good. I wish it would be better, and even though it was poor, I still thoroughly enjoyed the action.

The pictures section on Girl Girl Bang is another story. These are poorly done vidcaps. It seems like they just set a timing interval on the videos and let it run. There are some really stupid pictures, like ten shots of somebody's watch? What the hell is this. I had a hard time even picking out pictures for the previews here. The full size pictures aren't so much pixely as they are blurry, but I guess that is just two different kinds of suck anyway.

The girls on Girl Girl Bang are very very attractive girls. What I liked about these girls is that they were very amateur looking. I mean, they looked like girls on the street through and through. And while some of them didn't have the complete natural beauty that you get out of some sites, these girls are more akin to something you might see in a bar tonight as opposed on your porn video screen. The action, as discussed, did include a whole lot of setup. But it all fell within the context of the theme, and worked really well in the boundaries of the site. And hell, I like setup better when its not some dumb fuck guy asking girls stupid questions too. I admit, I'm biased!

At the time of review, Girl Girl Bang had a total of 15 sets of content. There is no set schedule of updates or anything like that. I wish there was, because this is truly a great unique theme I would like to see worked over time. However, I fear it will not be, even though it screams potential.

The bonus sites here include Steal Your Bitch, which is a reality site with a new twist. There is also Boygirlbang, Girlgirlbang, Tubby Bob, and Female Depot. We are working on getting reviews up for all of the other sites. This is if you spend the extra five dollars for a VIP membership only.


Again, we have a lot of creativity with this particular site. The big downfall is the poor execution and quality of both the pictures and the videos. These are great videos, just presented poorly. I still liked it and dug the videos, but I'm sure a lot will have trouble with the quality here. About the pricing, honestly the best buy here would actually be the $5 VIP membership more if you haven't seen the site for example or the others, it really gives a better buy in this case.


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