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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.98
$29.98/30 days

Review of Big Tit Patrol:

Its time to go out on patrol again, officer. However, today we are not patrolling the streets for crime. We are not patrolling for protection. We have no better purpose for this patrol. In fact, this patrol satisfies our personal needs very rigidly. It is a patrol for large chested women. You know the kind of boobs I am talking about. The kind that you can lose your head in if you are not careful. See what you can find out on the streets, officer. Because you are part of the Big Tit Patrol.

Big Tit Patrol is a website with a focus on extremely large chested women. Now, the name makes this sound like a super reality site with guys going on the street and looking for big tits. Well, that is actually not the case here. Most of these videos begin simply with an interview of a very large chested girl. And the action goes from there. So what exactly is the patrol? We don't get much of a taste of that, but nobody cares if they are a fan of big tits! Overall, this site lacks a little focus but does have a good theme and sticks to that theme extremely well.

When you first sign into Big Tit Patrol, you are given a members page that lists a lot of stuff all at once on you. You start out with the three latest updates to the network, listed with one smaller thumbnail. After that you get the latest update to this page, with a slightly enlarged thumbnail and a longer description. Then the exclusive videos are listed, with one smaller thumbnail per video. This thumbnail is more of a portrait to give you a good idea of how a girl looks. Then there are the unexclusive movies, with the same setup. Now we have a listing of the numerous bonus sites here. After that we get live feeds and stores, not taking up too much space, but more than neccessary. And that is your site pretty much. It's simple and easy to navigate, but ultimately there is just a lot thrown onto the front page and that makes it a little crowded but not overbearingly so.

The videos are the big focus of the patrol here. When you get into the videos page, you get the top of the page that looks like the setup for the latest update on the front page with the description and thumbnail. Underneath this you get all of the segments, with a thumbnail for each. The segments here are numerous. For each girl, there can be up to 45 segments. That is way way too much if you ask me. But luckily, you also have the ability to view the entire movie. That helps a lot. Notice I said view. No mater what you do here, everything is streamed with no downloading whatsoever. If you know how to download off of streams, you can. But you need that knowledge. Otherwise you will just be viewing streams. Either way, I think streams should be left for the free, leased sites of the world. No matter what you choose, you have the option of high, medium, and low quality WMVs.

The video quality here is pretty good, but shy of great. The WMVs are encoded and run at 740k at highest quality. This is a nice quality, but there are some flaws. You can definately see the pixels if you look closely enough. But lets face it, these movies run over 20 minutes and the file sizes are pretty managable. The videos look pretty good, and maybe not perfect but definately good enough for what they are trying to do here. I really have no complaints about them. They flow smoothly when you watch them as well, not like a lot of streaming sites that have problems with their streams.

The pictures here are vidcaps, and they definately load us up with them. There are several pages of vidcaps here. That means that they didn't take a whole lot of time picking out the best of the best, and most of these galleries didn't have a whole lot of thought put into them. With that said, these vidcaps are by no stretch the worst I have ever seen. But they are vidcaps, and that alone is kind of sucky. I usually don't slag a video site too much for it, but nice pictures are always welcome to supplement the video content better.

The girls on Big Tit Patrol fit the name well. These girls all had huge tits, with many of them natural as well. With big titted women, you usually have a full framed girl. That is true here, these girls all had a little meat on them. But I wouldn't call any of them overweight or anything silly like that, but they were a little meaty. You get the gist of it. Also, most of these girls looked a little on the skankier/porn star side of things. That isn't bad, but again to give you a feel. The action was typical porn action, but with some titty fucking and an overall titty focus included. Pretty nice stuff if I may say so myself.

At the time of review, there were a total of 29 exclusive movies as well as several more unexclusive movies. The site is updated weekly, sometimes with the unexclusive stuff but mostly with the exclusive stuff. This is a good amount of content, but just wait, there is a ton more! This has a vert nice update schedule, and there are a ton of bonus sites we will now look at!

Included in this network are: Bus Stop Whores, Big League Facials, College Teens Bookbang, Big Cock Teen Addiction, Mr Chews Asian Beaver, Pimp My Black Teen, Casting Couch Teens, I Spy Cameltoe, See Her Squirt, Pump That Ass, XXX Adultstars, The Big Swallow, Please Bang My Wife, Big Tit Patrol, Teeny Bopped Club, XXX Proposal, Tiny's Black Advnetures, Barefoot Maniacs, Giant's Black Meat White Treat, Blind Date Bangers, Horny Spanish Flies, Filthy Fred's Amateurs, Bikini Contest Porn, Tongues and Toys, and Nasty Movie Madness. Some sites have bonus sites that take five minutes go through. This one has sites that take five minutes to type! Just an unbelievable amount of content, and lots of different themes and genres to go through.


Big Tit Patrol is a great big tit website. It's been around for a while and it definately has a good groove to it. It seems like the women coming out of it are consistently hot and big titted. I could definately go for a few changes, but the entire story is that you should check out this network at least once in your porn travels, and if you like big boobs this just sweetens the deal!


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