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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$99.95/120 days

Review of Slut Wife Training:

Some men are just blessed. They have women who are complete sluts. They don't need any training, they were born sluts, that is what they are good at, and that is what they will continue to be good at until the day they die. Other men have a complex problem. Their women are not so much sluts. In fact, they may even be a little prude. So what are they to do? Ditch them, and find the local slut to marry? I think not. Let's remember that there are bonds of love here that often cannot be broken by something as simple as sexual unsatisfaction. So sometimes, men just have to send their women to Dirty D for some Slut Wife Training.

Slut Wife Training is a site with a pretty unique theme. Basically, the idea is that husbands send their wives to Dirty D, and he trains them in a various sexual slutty art. Things like cum swallowing, anal interventions, dildo training, etc. This is actually a really cool theme. What it does is it takes a regular, plain old porn scene and gives it a great twist. If we saw these scenes without all the setup, we'd just think it was a decent regular sex scene. But here, with the enhanced theme, it seems like so much more. As you can tell I was a pretty big fan of what they were trying to accomplish here. I think it worked really well too, so lets look at the rest of the site!

When you first sign into Slut Wife Training, you are given a page that starts out with the content right away. The content is listed with one action thumbnail, and a little description that explains what the training is about. Beyond this is.. well, nothing. This is great. No ads, no leased links, basically no junk. Just the content and that is it. And while the actual site design is nothing special, it is just nice and simple and easy to use. I had no problems with it whatsoever, and that is not just the front page but every page you may traverse through.

The videos are definately the focus here. When you get into the video page, you get one big thumbnail and then four regular sized thumbnails from the set. From here, you can download a promo video, a video in segments, or the full length video. Of course you know I went with full length. The format here is always WMV. The file lengths are really quite managable. Most of the videos are right around the 80MB point, keeping them well under 100MB and very managable. I thought it was kind of weird how they all clocked in at the same size. That is something we will look at later, but for now let's say that uniformity is nice.

The quality of the videos here was pretty darned good. As far as numbers go, most of these were shown as a 556k variable bit rate. That is a decent number, but these videos looked great for that. First of all, they were shot in a really big screen in the first place. Some of the full screens here are pixelated and look really kinda ugly. Others look really good. Either way, I think for the file size you are getting, this is just a great quality video and it goes far.

There pictures here are awesome, high quality pictures. They appear to be taken from the same content as the videos, but they are not vidcaps at all. Instead they are just high quality, great pictures. The pics are 768 x 1024 pixels and they look absolutely fabulous. This is a great site for pictures, and I just can't say enough how clear and awesome these pictures are. In fact, if you really like a girl, I can definately see you spending just as much time with pictures here as much as with the movies.

The women here on Slut Wife Training are a nice group of sexy women who definately can pass the test as far as being slut wives. Basically, what you get here is a more amateur side of woman. These are more like the girls next door, even moreso than what you would typically see on a reality site. In fact, this is more like a high quality amateur site than a lower quality reality site in my opinion as far as the girls go. Many of them are sexy as hell, others are just kind of regular women. It works out as far as the theme, and Dirty D is always good at getting the true girls next door. The action here is basic porn action, nothing too special. Each girl has a lesson to learn, and the action is based around that lesson. Still, none of these lessons are especially weird or unique, so its basic porn action that just works really well.

At the time of review, there were a total of 17 Slutty Wives trained here. This is not a huge number, but it is sufficient. There is also no note of how often or when the updates are, so you are kind of left with that question in your mind as well. Even with all of this, I think the fact that there is a nice network here makes up for the fact that we might not know too much about our updates.

Dirty D's network now consists of the following sites: Tampa Bukkake, Glory Hole Girlz, Crack Whore Confessions, Slut Wife Training, Electricity Play, Theater Sluts, Ukraine Amateurs, The Oral Slut, Gang Bang Hood, Sybian Videos, Bisexual Britni, Skunk Riley, Madame Sloane, Blonde Rider, Phoenixxx Blaque, The Porn Library, Vintage Porn Classics, Cock Sucking Championship, Christy Wild, and Party Wild Naked. This is a nice network of varied sites. The big thing about this network is that it is nice and different and also very true-amateur based. I am a big fan of it but I do realize it has its faults as well.


Slut Wife Training is a site with a great concept and nice execution. Sure, we could go for a better quality and also a more focused and targeted update and timestamp schedule. But as a part of the whole, I would definately recommend this as part of the Dirty D network. I think it really works well in the scheme of things, and has a lot of great amatuers!


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