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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: wmv

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days
$29.98/30 days

Review of Pump That Ass:

You know, I've always had a secret fetish. I just love watching girls put gas in their car. I've always wanted to sit behind a computer screen, and for hours just watch girls gently lift up the fuel pump, slowly stick the nozzle into the fuel filler. Then gently caress the unleaded button. Oooh, you naughty girl, you are going to go for the Super Plus, an extra six cents. And then finally, in one woosh, the gas begins flowing into the car, as she throws her hair into the wind and lets out a quick sigh. I thought my fantasy would finally be realized. Then I noticed that this site was called Pump That Ass, and not Pump That Gas.

Pump That Ass is a video site with a focus on anal sex. I know, that theme has been there and done that before. But people still love it. And Pump That Ass offers nothing new in the category. There is no new terminology introduced or no special effects added. Basically what you get is a group of attractive girls who love anal sex. Even though I always appreciate new themes and twists on things, I think anal sex is one of those things that can always get away with just have a bunch of great sex. And here we go with another site with a focus on anal, and lets see how it goes.

When you first sign into Pump That Ass, you are first given some updates to the network in a smaller little banner. Just so you know whats new. Then we get into the asses. First you get the latest update to Pump That Ass, with a bigger thumbnail and a full description. Then you can check out the other girls, all with smaller thumbnails and no real descriptions. The next section of the front page is all of the bonus movies. This is followed by a listing of all of the bonus sites, which is actually quite extensive. And then finally, the end of the page with some leased and ad site links. At least they left that crap to the bottom of the page, although nowhere at all would have been nice too. Overall, this site is never going to win any awards for design. It is simple, somewhat cluttered, and still kind of plain. It gets the job done, but it could be a lot better.

The videos are a big focus on Pump That Ass. When you get into the video section, you have a lot of options. First of all, you get a shitload of thumbnails and a segment to go for each one. I mean a ton, pages of segments. The thumbnails give you an idea of how the action goes, but the segments are so short that even dialup users will think that they are pretty tedious. There is an option to watch the entire movie. Like every other segment, you can do this in low medium or high. And yes, I said watch. Everything here is completely streaming. You are able to download the streams if you know what you are doing, but that is still a pain in the butt. These are all WMVs no matter what you choose, and they are realtively smooth to watch but I still think streaming should be left for the leased sites of the world.

The quality of the movies here at high is pretty good. The videos are a good 740k, they look good with a minimal amount of pixelation and bluriness. While they are not perfect, I don't think anybody except for the biggest quality freak will complain about how they look. I would like to say here that the colors and the clarity of the videos really shine through. I thought that this site did a really good job at showing everything in, well, vivid color. I hate using that word! But anyway, that was definately one of the biggest pluses of the site. The quality here is top notch but not really anywhere near perfect.

The photos here on Pump That Ass are vidcaps, albeit very nicely selected ones. Unlike most sites and vidcaps, they keep the number to a minimum here. They also keep the pictures relevant and unique, which is ten times more than I usually expect from a site like this. The pixel/bluriness is also kept at a minimum here, although it is evident in many of the pictures. Overall, not a great pictures section but a lot better than I've seen elsewhere and have come to expect from certain sites.

The girls on Pump That Ass were actually top notch in my book. I though there were some extremely beautiful girls, and that they held themselves very well. Now some of these girls are going to be familiar to many of you. A lot of them have done the rounds of sites, but that doesn't make them any less hot to you or me. I like the fact that they are making no claims about these girls being natural, or this being their first time. In one interview session the girl flat out asks how many times shes had anal on camera. I like that kind of honesty, and when someone says its their first time, you have that much more believability. As far as the action goes, it is pretty much your typical stuff with a focus on the anal side of things. Nothing terribly new or exciting, but it was definately solid action.

At the time of review, there were a total of 17 exclusive girls here. There are weekly updates, but the weekly update isn't always neccesarily an exclusive update. It is kind of mixed between exclusive and bonus, non exclusive movies. Overall it is still a great schedule considering the amount of bonus sites you also get with a membership here.

Included in this network are: Bus Stop Whores, Big League Facials, College Teens Bookbang, Big Cock Teen Addiction, Mr Chews Asian Beaver, Pimp My Black Teen, Casting Couch Teens, I Spy Cameltoe, See Her Squirt, Pump That Ass, XXX Adultstars, The Big Swallow, Please Bang My Wife, Big Tit Patrol, Teeny Bopped Club, XXX Proposal, Tiny's Black Advnetures, Barefoot Maniacs, Giant's Black Meat White Treat, Blind Date Bangers, Horny Spanish Flies, Filthy Fred's Amateurs, Bikini Contest Porn, Tongues and Toys, and Nasty Movie Madness. Some sites have bonus sites that take five minutes go through. This one has sites that take five minutes to type! Just an unbelievable amount of content, and lots of different themes and genres to go through.


This is a very nice site on a good network. While this is nothing groundbreaking, there is a huge bang for your buck factor with the network and all the bonuses as well as a good number of exclusives. This is a network I think everyone should experience once, and the site Pump That Ass is a nice little addition to it. Not the kind of site you get ultra excited about, but it is solid.


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