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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $29.99)
Special: $95.40/365 days (Reg. $119.88)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $27.95
$65.00/180 days

Review of Twisty:

Twisty's. When I see that name, I think of my girlfriend. No, not because she is on the site. Although she is hot enough that she could be. No, I think of her because she always has to fucking twist my nipples. It hurts a lot, too! I'm not talking in a sexual manner where I can be aroused from it. I mean we're walking in a store, and there she goes giving me a nipple twist. No fun! But it is part of what I love about her too. That sexy craziness just drives me wild. Damn, I kinda want to call her now.. But instead I will write a review on the site called Twistys.

Twistys is kind of a clearinghouse of porn. The focus here is on porn. I know that sounds weird, but it is a porn site with porn stars and porn movies. There is nothing amateur or unique about this site. Many of these videos are commercially available. Many of the models on the site have been seen before by us hounds. The big focus here is simply on providing a lot of it. This kind of site has its ups and its downs. The biggest down is that it has been done before. The biggest bright side is that we will get to see lots of different movies and pictures here, and that is very nice! Overall, I like the idea of the theme. Now lets see how it is executed here.

Twistys is designed very nicely. From the minute you sign in, you feel as though you are part of a exclusive porn club. With a cool name. When you first sign in, you get a listing of the updates. You also get a thumbnail for each one. On the sidebar there is all kinds of rating systems for you to check out the top sets on Twisty's! And overall, they just have a really nice combination of sparkle in the design, and practicality as far as thumbnails and giving us a good idea of what we get.

Videos are one big portion of Twistys. The videos here are a mix. There are some female solo ones, which look to be pretty original to my eyes. I cannot verify that however. These are in awesome quality, over 1000k. There is also some DVD content, stuff you can go out and buy in the store. This stuff is a lot lesser in quality, sometimes only 300k. I think my biggest problem with the videos on Twistys is the lack of uniformity. There are great videos and there are bad ones. You just never know what you are getting, and that can be annoying. Especially for me, because I am not the biggest solo female fan in the world. Those videos seem to be the best, and the stuff I like seems to be the worst. Oh well.

We already touched on quality, but allow me to reiterate. The quality here is a huge variance. Some of the videos are awesome and some suck. That makes it extremely hard to rate, and hard for me to talk about. I will say that they have a nice variety, and they do indeed look very good at times. But what they really need to have is that consistency I was talking about. That is what is really holding back these videos.

The pictures on Twistys are awesome. Hands down, they steal the show for the site. They just look gorgeous and really step up to the plate. There are a ton of them, and they can all be downloaded as a zip and you can bet I will have a bunch of Twisty-zips on my computer after writing this. One thing, the zip files are kind of hidden. But not a big deal. Just great pictures!

The girls on Twistys are porn stars and they look it. They are your typical, beautiful, somewhat fake but very hot porn stars. You know exactly what I mean if you've ever picked up a professional porn video or magazine. And this is what you get here. The action really varies as well. There is some stuff straight from porno movies. There is other stuff that seems to be original, solo stuff. Altogether its just a big mixture and you do have that search engine to find things in more accordance with your needs.

Twistys claims to have 1,500+ Models, 600,000+ Images and 14,000+ Vid Clips on their site. It sure as hell looks that way. So you definately have a lot of content and no need for any real bonus sites. You can spend days here at Twistys, and I think that is ultimately the goal here. They update daily as well, so you will never go a day without some great porn here at Twistys!


Twistys is a great site. The videos need a little more uniformity, or at least a split between they very awesome solo videos and the subpar DVD rips. The pictures section is awesome, with a lot of great shots and great options. Overall, for what it is, Twistys does a great job at giving us the much needed BABE-FIX. They just need to take a look at seperating any exclusive content from the nonexclusive stuff. That might ruin the facade of having a billion amount of content for the "commoners," but it will just make it a lot easier for the pros to work through the page.


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