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Review of Steal Your Bitch:

Stealing is a common artform in modern life. Everybody has something stolen at some point. I have had my wallet stolen before, among other things. Some people have things as big as their cars stolen. In fact, motor vehicle theft is quite high for the size of an automobile and the amount of balls it takes to actually do it. Well, today we are looking at a reality site where something a lot bigger than even a car is stolen- your woman!

Steal Your Bitch is a reality site. It is actually one of those reality video sites where the reality sets in deep. Basically what happens here is the webmasters go out, look for a couple with a hot girl. They talk them into doing their thing, you know, the plain regular reality site context. But in the end, the girl ends up getting stolen and the guy is left with nothing. And you are left with some pretty good videos. As you can tell, I am a pretty big fan of this theme. And while I am not a huge fan of the lots of setup-type reality videos, this one struck a unique cord with me. I think it might just be that it is a refreshing change. I like the whole reality site with storyline genre really. I just don't like the whole "more talking, less action" mentality of it. But this comes across as a relatively fresh, new idea which was very nice for me to see.

When you first sign into Steal Your Bitch, you are greeted with a fairly simple and easy to use site design. I was actually quite impressed by this. The design is actually not very typical of a reality site. This is a one page site. For each episode, you get two pictures of the girls. One is a portrait type that gives you an idea of their face. The other is a nude/action shot which gives you an idea of everything else. These are both rather small thumbnails. There is also some other information, like video length and number of pictures. This is all on a plain white background. The site comes across as very plain in this regard. I prefer plain over busy, but I also like original and sleek in my web designs too.

The videos on Steal Your Bitch are available as either segments or full length movies. The segment numbers are somewhat high, up to ten or so segments per video. So I can definately imagine a lot of you looking at the full length videos. These are available as either WMVs or MPGs, with not a huge size or quality variance between them. The files are pretty big as these movies do tend to run long, over an hour in some cases and over 300mb in some. The videos page is setup with smaller thumbnails, one for each segment. This can give you an idea of what is happening here but is in no way ideal as far as thumbnails go.

The quality of these videos on Steal Your Bitch is about 700k. This is a mid level quality and it does have some graininess at both smaller and large screen. I could have definately gone for a better quality. This isn't bad per se, but anyone who loves clear pictures might be a little disappointed. And the lack of options has you pretty much stuck in this quality no matter what. It's definately not terrible, but it could be a lot better.

The pictures on SYB actually more than make up for the lack of quality of the movies. In fact, these are some gorgeous pictures. There are three sets for each girl, and they are all taken independently of the video. On top of that, they are also unique sets, not just a copy of what you were viewing in the video. This really gets a big "atta boy!" from me just as far as pic quality goes. Absolutely gorgeous in quality, I can't say it enough. If this was a pictures site I'd bump up the rating several points. But as it is, awesome pictures of awesome girls.

Overall, I found the girls here on SYB to be very palatable. Many of them looked pretty fresh from my point of view. And after spending the past two months watching rehashs forever, it was definately a big change. They might not have been perfect supermodel material, but overall I really liked the girls here. They also had a nice variation of girls considering the small amount of sets of content they had at the time being. I really can't complain. As far as the action goes, it was there. It got interesting at times, but nothing too varied from what you normally see. I will say that there definately was a lot of setup. Luckily with the full segment lengths this was easily fast-forwardable. Is that even a word? Either way, the action here is hot once it gets started and while it wasn't anything new, it was definately awesome to see.

At the time of review, there were eight episodes of Steal Your Bitch. It is definately a startup site, but one that has so much promise it is sick. There are no timestamps on the site, so I have no idea how often it is updated. There is a little blurb on the bottom telling you of the next update, but the date for that has passed, so I don't know what is up with that. There are also some unqiue bonus sites here on SYB with themes that seem just as cool and unique as getting your bitch stolen!

The bonus sites here include Sicko Games, which is like a porn version of the TV show Fear Factor. There is also Boygirlbang, Girlgirlbang, Tubby Bob, and Female Depot. Boygirlbang is reviewed on this site, and hopefully the others will be up in the future as well! This is if you spend the extra five dollars for a VIP membership only.


This isn't the best bang for your buck deal ever. However, it is a solid porn site with a good theme, good videos, great pictures, and a unique aspect to it. Definately worth checking out in my book!


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