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Review of Moms Explorer:

Ok, it's no secret that I have a love for the older women. Now some people will ask me why that it. Well, I think older women have a certain clasiness to them. They also are smarter and have higher morals. Most of them have seen life for a while, and know about its highs and lows. They are just more worldly. And they have also had plenty of time to know what works and what doesn't work as far as their appearance goes. And theres just something so sexy about them! I could go on and on all day about this. But instead of wasting your time with that, let me present you with a review of another mature site, this one being Moms Explorer.

Moms Explorer is a site with a focus on mature women. And here, it's not a site with a focus on older women. It is truly mature women, the older side of older. I'm not talking extreme granny old, but definately older than the 30 year old's you see trotting around some of the MILF sites. The focus here is squarely on video, but it is not really any kind of reality site. It's actually cool in that it just plays out as a collection of one mans sexual encounters with older women. The webmaster isn't trying to be a hollywood star, but it does have a certain homemade feel to it. It really works as far as theme in my opinion.

When you first sign into Moms Explorer, you jump right into the content. It is listed by date, with the newest set listed first. You are given one bigger picture of the model and then you can jump in and download right from the front page. The picture gives you a pretty decent idea of what the woman looks like, but there is nothing to really indicate the action that is going on here. The page is kind of bulky as you scroll down, as all of the sets are listed right here on the front page. It does make for a simple site navigation, but it just reeks of amateurish work as well. It definately could have been put together better with better thumbnails and less bulk per page, but this is really a non-evasive site design as well so that wasn't all that bad.

Onto the videos, as I mentioned you can download them right from the front page. You have two choices of WMVs here, 300k and 900k. Pretty good choices if you ask me. Unfortunately the movies are split into segments with no full video option at all. On the bright side of that is the fact that the segments are on the longer side and there are no more than three per set. Controlled segments are ok, I guess. The videos are really smooth to download and easy to get. As I mentioned, there isn't much preview from set to set. YOu basically just get a head shot of the girl. Thats enough to give you an idea if she is hot or not, but there are also many other factors you take into consideration when downloading a video, and you can't take those into consideration the way the site is set up now. It just harkens back to the idea that the site is definately sufficient but still lacking a bit.

The quality of the videos here is very good. At high quality, you can watch a beautiful picture at full screen. The site seems like one that would have quality issues by its design, but it is actually quite strong in this department. I will even venture to say that it is one of the best qualitied "true mature" sites I've seen in a very long time. Also, the most original. Now, the actual camerawork and action could both go a little ways in terms of improvement. I will get more into that when we talk action, but for the actual video quality here, it is indeed very good.

Throughout most of the sets here, there were only vidcaps as pictures. From the latest update and into the future, there will be high resolution pictures to accompany the videos. This is a giant improvement and I say way to go for a video focused site. Color me impressed. The first round of these new pictures looked great, and even the vidcaps were good for vidcaps. So overall, you might not come for the pictures, but in the future they may become a very good thing for you!

The women on here were great for the theme. They were all older, and you knew they were older, but they are all extremely hot for the theme involved. Now if you are into some of the MILF sites you might not be into these girls. But for the most part, anyone who is into true mature ladies will definately be very happy over the selection of girls here. And not only are they good looking, they all reek of amateurish type women you could actually have a chance with too. So its two pluses. Now the action here is weird. There is basically some talking, then an extended masturbation session and stripping/teasing type stuff, and then very little hardcore. This might be a turn off for some. I didn't care for it myself. In some cases there is only a blowjob after all of that. But hey, it is unique and it makes the site that much more unique. I could definately do for more hardcore myself though.

At the time of review, there were a total of 29 sets of content. Now there are a few doubles of girls, and some where there is one set of solo and one set of more hardcore stuff. It doesn't happen that way all the way through, but it is there. There are bonus sites of Lonely Mature and Nude In City, which are unimpressive but at the same time still something extra. The site is updated sporadically, with the webmaster continually promising that things will get stable, and that not happening yet.


Moms Explorer is a middle of the road type of site. There is definately tons of potential, and the webmaster seems dedicated to doing this. But for this site to really shine, it will need a slight overhaul, as well as a bigger focus on updates and really building the content to the next level. But this is still a very nice set of original videos for any fan of true mature content.


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