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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Bang Me Boys:

Alright boys! Time for some fun! How come anytime a girl says the word boys, it comes with a slutty connotation attached to it? I swear, everytime I hear that word come out of a girls mouth, it is in a slutty way. I don't have any problems with that. But when I saw the site named Bang Me Boys, I can just imagine a blonde with a southern accent saying "come on boys, bang me!" And hey, again, I don't have a problem with that. In fact, I encourage more blondes with southern accents to ask me to bang them. So if you happen to be one, give me an email! I'll be waiting. In the meantime, I will check out the site Bang Me Boys.

Bang Me Boys is a site on the Brainpass network, a video site with a focus on gangbangs. This is actually quite the opposite of the recently reviewed "The Lucky Man" There, several woman piled up and had sex with one man. Well, here at Bang Me Boys, the gangbang is with several men and just one woman. A more traditional gangbang, if you will. Gangbangs are a commonplace in porn. But there are few sites dedicated to the gangbang. Lots of movies dedicated to it, but not as many sites. So the idea here is relatively fresh, again its commonplace, but its a theme you don't see entire sites based around often. Therefore, I consider it neither fresh nor stale, just kind of in the middle.

When you first sign into Bang Me Boys, you actually sign into a Brainpass network site. You then select to go into the site. On the BMB homepage, you get the latest update for the site on the front page. This comes with eight thumbnails, giving you a great idea of what you will be getting in the upcoming set. The rest of the video sets are modeled after this. But I am getting ahead of myself. The front page is really nothing more than those eight thumbnails. There is a toolbar to move yourself around the site. But honestly, you really won't find yourself moving to any of these sections except for the videos one.

The videos here are setup much like the other Brainpass sites. Now with that comes some advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that there are tons of quality options. From low low to somewhat high, you have six qualities here in all. Very nice options here. The videos are segmented however, and there is no way around that. Look for up to eight segments per video here. On top of that, the file names are just awkward and don't look good on your hard drive. I've been saying this forever, and I know it probably won't change on my word. But when there are two minor flaws that really hold back full site enjoyment, I really think they should be looked at! And again, without these two problems or just fixing one would make the videos so much easier to enjoy.

The quality here is pretty good. High quality is around 700k, which is good and managable but at the same time nowhere near spectacular. And for the record, the other videos here on Brainpass at 700k are even better than these. They are perfectly acceptable, but anyone who is a hardcore quality freak will probably want a better quality than what you really get here. With that said, the videos are acceptable but not perfect. Full screen can give you some loss of quality. And you are really stretching to consider these anywhere near the quality of their DVD masters. But hey, its still a decent quality and the filesize/quality balance works out nicely.

The pictures here are primarily vidcaps, but not horrible ones. As with most vidcaps, it can vary from picture to picture. But here, you really do get a pretty nice quality for the pictures. The pics are 720x480, so there is nothing really too crazy here as far as size goes. You might not come for the pictures, but they might interest you. There is a nice slideshow option you can use if you desire.

The girls on Bang Be Boys are all pretty hot looking pornstar type girls. In fact, some of these girls you might recognize as porn stars. I believe this stuff comes from actual DVDs but is exclusive to this site on the internet. I know the one girl Jessica Dee I see a lot, as well as others. Very hot girls, but not girls you would consider it a stretch for them to be surrounded by five cocks. The action here is all gangbang all the time. Several guys on one girl. That can lead to some DP situations as well, and you get the whole oral and anal treatment pretty much all the way through. Very well done gangbangs here.

At the time of review, there were a total of 9 videos here on Bang me Bous. Not a huge amount of content, really. And theres no real timestamps or anything here either, as well as a lack of information regarding updates on the brainpass network updates page. So this might be a site just tacked on for extras, but it is an effective, nice site which fits the profile of the network very well. Speaking of the network;

With a membership here, you get a membership to the Brainpass network, which includes: Peter North, Lex Steele, Christine Young, Cute Angie, Onlydp, Iloveitblack, Busty Christy, Doghouse Digital, Melissa Doll, Real Squirt, Sweet Amylee, Silverstone Video, Shelby Bell, I want Latina, Hardcore Fiesta, Girly Bangbang, Black Reign XXX, Kelly Summer, The Lucky Man, Bang Me Boys, and the best porn star name in the world, Cherry Potter. Just an awesome deal here, you can't turn this down.


Brainpass just keeps adding on the sites. And this is just another viable addition to the network. Now with that said, these guys have to work on keeping up some of these sites. They seem to have their core few sites they update all the time, but that leaves some of the sites like this a little behind. But hey, this is a great addition for now and the network is one of the best out there today.


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